New normal

A post by Piya, am sure will find an echo from many homes. Would like to hear more amusing titbits from you all in our comments column.

The new normal beckons new ways of learning

 By Piya Jayarajan

Not so long ago, when the world had not yet heard of Covid-19, “screen time” was the code word most parents used so that they could sip on that cup of tea (or that glass of wine) in peace. Of course a “well meaning” relative or two may have called it “ruining” a child’s future. 

Now with the pandemic defining the new normal, “screen time” is the need of the hour. The irony, heh!

One week of continued “screen time” AKA distance learning, and now I  am officially qualified to be the President of the “Yeller’s Anonymous” Club. 

After being at loggerheads with my 4 year old, with no real solution in sight (where is that vaccine!?) I have now decided to make my peace with “the new normal beckons new ways of learning”. 

Here is an elaboration if you will. 

“See!!!!!, Ammaaaa….there are 13 ‘buttons”! 


Math – 

Turns out there are 13 keys on the topmost row of my keyboard. Please tell me you didn’t know that too.


“Amma, Did you know that the word “G-o-o-g-l-e” has two “Os” in it?”


Literacy – 

Yes, knowing how to spell Google is highly beneficial in the larger scheme of things. 


Opens five google tabs within seconds. And types YouTube faster than his name. 


Fine Motor Skills – 

How on earth do they learn all this stuff in nanoseconds when a simple “put your shoes back in the rack” takes light years to comprehend!?!


“Teacher, is the activity over? Can I take a break now?”


Communication – 

 To teachers all over the world, I salute you!


Looks at screen squinting his eyes

“Amma, who is behind <insert name of classmate>, Is that his sister?”

“Is that Peppa Pig on < insert name of classmate> t shirt?”


Attention to detail – 

Why didn’t they teach me this in school?


On the ‘momentous’ occasion of a technical glitch when the screen is blank

 “The teacher has gone! Can I watch number blocks now?”


 Logical reasoning – 

I do not want to discuss this one.



Maybe I will live to tell the tale one day, about how “screen time” shaped my child’s learning in the midst of a global pandemic. 

In the meantime, I need another code word to survive this one. Suggestions, anyone?

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