Leader # 1

My mother and mothers in the neighbourhood

A painting of the unpaid work of women working at home

by Anujath Vinayil, a class 9 student from Thrissur in  Kerala State

When I was admiring the above painting and was wondering of how many words will it take to express the story (though unnecessary), remembered a write up by Mr Sampath Iyengar, a leading coach on leadership. With his permission, sans introduction, over to Mr. Sampath Iyengar :

“3 leaders in your life”     First thing first…   Who are your 3 best leaders you have come across (dead or alive, known, heard, read, anyone)   And, what’s the BEST LEADERSHIP QUALITY YOU ADMIRE THE MOST in each of them? (pause & answer them before read further)   Post listing out the names of leaders & their top-qualities for which they chose them as their ideal leaders, we had a long list including Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Modi Dhoni, Mukesh Ambani Elon Musk, Bill Gates Mother Theresa, Gandhi Edison, Amitabh Bachhan Kalpana Chawla, Akbar, Hitler, etc…

In terms of the qualities those leaders which they admired, it included: Vision, clarity, integrity, perseverance, humility, confidence, fitness, team building, passion,  risk-taking, delegation, courage, etc., were listed as qualities found in those leaders   Can you find all of these qualities in any ONE among the long list of leaders that you have nominated was my question   A loud NO was an anonymous response!   I said there are many & very likely you know them as well, which created a lot of interest, suspicion, curiosity, and the atmosphere in the room changed dramatically   CAN YOU NAME ANY LEADER WHO HAS MOST OF THESE QUALITIES?  

MOTHER is THE #1 Leader!   The best part is that none of us are in this world without a mother & she’s the First Human & BEST GURU we are blessed with, think of your mother and tell which of the above qualities you haven’t seen in her….she’s

1. A dream (vision) for the family & every individual in the family

  2. Works the hardest, 24 X365/year irrespective of anything  

3. Works with most diversified people- a. an ever unhappy & uncooperative mother-in-law b. a father-in-law who doesn’t get involved in anything c. cranky husband d. highly demanding children e. Wanted & unwanted guests f. Maids, driver & other support systems  

4. When you brought friends & announced that you are hungry without even checking the availability of grocery, milk, sugar, or any other essential things….she did manage to serve & satisfy you all in flat 30 minutes come what may (beg, borrow or adjust) ….superbly resourceful & dependable  

5. Do you remember the day when you made her prepare food for so many friends for your birthday & not many turned-up, so much food was left out? Did she waste any of them – NO, she served the same food by changing color, converted into other likable dishes & ensured it’s consumed over the next couple of days- can you find a better resource management specialist than that  

6. Do you remember the day when your Dad said NO to your demand for going for a picnic with your friends? Who helped you? It’s SHE, she managed to fund you, send you, and managed Dad’s anger as well – Can you find a leader who’s better EI than he?  

7. She remembers everyone’s birthday & ensure she does things that they like on that day  

8. Despite whole day’s work, if anyone falls sick, she’s up there in the night to ensure you are cared better than an expert medical staff

  9. She works without pay, casual leave, medical leave, & on top of it a double duty on the days of festivals, birthdays, functions. She eats last, whatever is leftover, while all others enjoy  

10. Most, unfortunately, when she doesn’t even get RESPECTED for her hard work & sacrifices  

11. I can list a lot more but leave it to you to recall, repent & do something about it.  

12. If you still have her in life, time to talk to her in person or on phone & give her a hug, kiss and say I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU!

The strong, intelligent & powerful CBI/CVC officers became emotional while tears rolled over. I called for a break for them to soak in their latest realization in life before discussing the other two leaders!   Those who still had mothers were encouraged to call & speak to them during the break, while those unlucky ones were left to be with themselves.  

By default, EVERY MOTHER demonstrates Passion, Purpose, Patience,  Perseverance, Resilience, Relationship & Resource Management, Vision, Effective Communication, Conviction, Compassion,  Delegation, Dedication, Diversity Management, Innovation, Hardest possible work & much more, which NO OTHER LEADER have.   MOTHER IS A PERFECT ROLE MODEL FOR SERVANT LEADERSHIP Love & RESPECT MOTHER!   What qualities you admire about your Mother? And who do you think the Leader # 2 & 3?

Sampath Iyengar


Raj- when I discussed this with someone, he said, Ï am one of the unfortunate who lost my mother, soon after my arrival, though I had my grandmother and she was no less than a mother”.

I know a father who brought up his children in a mother’s role.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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