Walk, don’t drive

Booked an appointment with Cars24, to evaluate my car. Please bring all your documents and come by 12 noon. Hardly 10 minutes drive, I was there before time. Vehicle inspected, they put an estimated price  onto the  net for bid. Three people quoted and I clicked on submit on the highest bidder, the car was sold. Signed the necessary papers, gave the key, money to reach my account in 48 hours.

While waiting for the bid, I get a call from my dear friend Raju Pati, who is in Whitefield, Bangalore on a two day visit.

“When can we meet, though I am slightly under the weather, cold and throat infection”  Raju asked

“I can come to whitefield  to meet you, if I get my car.” I said.

Whether  he noticed, I do not know , what I meant was, in case the bid do not come through, I will have my car back. There was no way for him to know the scene this side to comprehend what I meant.

With the highest bid accepted, the car sold, we were not meeting.

This sale was very professional and transparent, unlike my previous experiences, where you had to hear a lot of depressing comments about your vehicle like do I hear a knocking, pickup is poor, suspension may require a job ,paints have faded slightly,  while on the test drive, preparing to demand a discount on my price when  I told them, the price included all these shortcomings.

Stripped off a car, I decided to walk back home, required a little time to detach from an object that had served me fairly well. There will be a surprise waiting, for the family. During the walk, shall list out  justifications,  for some may call it “rash”, decision because no body is going to believe that there was an inner voice.

Life is full of challenges, its time to reduce a few of them, like negotiating the traffic in Bangalore. A pedestrian overtook me three times on Bannerghata road, I think,  it was then when a seed was sowed. When I call up the service centre to book a time for servicing, they  tell me an estimate for all the replacements of parts, the lubrications, which is mandatory for the 40K kilometer old vehicle. Just then comes a call, Sir, your car is due for insurance renewal. All these are going to add up to sizable five figure amount.  Whether the car runs or not, these charges are a must and when it runs what about the dents it collects during the journey. It’s an asset standing as a liability in your porch. The major usage is trips to Airport, railway station or shopping and outing  once in a week or fortnight.  All these arguments sounds brave, thanks to Ola and Uber taxi services in a city, where you pay for the use. The interest from the investment of the sale price will meet our travel expense, that means our local travel is free. What an economics. What, if there is an emergency at night ? Well, Ola and Uber . What, if not available, well we will pop it.

During this walk I realized, it is not very easy to walk in the traffic, though I overtook a BMW. There is more traffic of two wheelers on the footbath. It’s time to introduce a walking license like driving license. When I was wondering how to cross the busy main road to get on to my home lap, there appeared two cows, one deciding to lie in the middle of the road and the other escorting me to cross. Who said there is no GOD.  One thing I know in case I do not  get  a cab or Auto, I have to walk, for that I have to start practice by tomorrow, I have already done it  today.

I reach home and the breaking news is stunning.

“ Where is the car ?”

“Car sold ”

“ What ?”

“ I got a fair price which I may not get again”

“Which one are you buying, next”

The list of reasons compiled during my walk was not necessary

“Off cars, for next 6 months” and will get used to it to extend the period

She smiles, confident that I will be buying one soon, when I am planning to change my status to “ Carless one”.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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20 thoughts on “Walk, don’t drive”

  1. Now that you have settled down for ola, uber…..at least for time being
    Which one is better? Ola or uber in Bangalore?

  2. You are really brave to ditch the car, Rajendra. It is a very hard decision even with the availability of ola/uber

    1. The pleasure of freedom is higher than the pain of absence. If the pain overgrows the pleasure, I will get a new one. You may find it difficult to understand, in US it is a necessity. In a place like Bangalore, with bad and overloaded roads, never ending constructions, poor drainage system, want to check whether life will be easier witout owning a vehicle

  3. The signs of a developed city is when the citizens use public transport! Get a cycle!
    I love the new look of the blog.

    1. Good idea to buy a cycle. The sign of a developed city is It is when the RICH uses public transport. Other citizens are already using them, which is at a breaking point

  4. Best decision to be carless, even though people might say “careless”. No reason to have an NPA sitting in the porch and costing more to keep it shipshape and safe.
    I prefer Uber in Bangalore for 2 major reasons, they accept my U.S credit card in which case, I hardly notice the charge, thanks to the exchange rate. The second is Uber drivers rarely cancel a confirmation. Uber share is my preferred option.

    1. Cars are also a status symbol besides its utility. It is easier to be Carless, if you dont have such artificial air in you and you know its liability is increasing

  5. Nice blog. Interesting to read. Did you finally meet Raju Pati or not. Keep writing. I may catch you sometime in near future as my daughter has shifted from Gurgaon to B’lore recently. With all probability, we may meet at BBSR before I visit Bangalore . Till then, see you. With love & best wishes to both.

  6. Great to know that you are turning eco friendly. I can understand the traffic in Bangalore led you to switch to walking and taxi. I believe it’s also a great stress relief.

  7. Great to know that you are turning eco friendly. I can understand the traffic in Bangalore led you to switch to walking and taxi. I believe it’s also a great stress relief.

  8. I also sold my car 4 years back and managing my daily core by walking,auto,metro and Uber sometimes.Walking is keeping me fit.No tension of keepoing car getting it cleaned daily and normal maint.without using it.

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