Bloody Blogger

Hello, is it Rajendra ?

Yes, I said, sounding familiar, thinking hard to place. 

“Oye, I am Jatinder, forgot ?.”

Yes, got it, name and the voice got connected.

” yes, yes, Jatinder   how are you and where are you now”.

” I am in Chandigarh, you are in Bangalore, right ? “

” Yes”

” My friend’s son is an engineer, find him a job in Bangalore, I called to tell you that” he came straight to the point, we are talking may be after 15 years, just like him, loud mouthed and frank.

” Send his CV” and I gave him my mail Id..

” I heard, you are a writer, bloody  blog  and all that”.

That is Jatinder, everything is bloody.

“I write and I have a blog, though I don’t think I am a writer, yet, have you read it”

“No, yaar, I don’t read blogs, I don’t have the patience,  l think  these are boring stuff, any way what do you write about”

“Well, about this and that”, I did not know what to tell him. A few posts flashed past in my mind and I could not place them under any category. It’s about some small talk with a kid or a senior citizen, or some female passengers, a lady  lottery ticket seller, marriage ceremony,  a travel, I think I should go back and check what I write about. This is what I told him. I am sure he did not understand.

” Does any one read your blog ?  “

” A few do read at times and a few others some other time”.

” Do you make any money”

” No”

” What a waste of time, why do you write”

“I have not thought about it, well, one thing I know I get immense pleasure while I write.  I have a platform of my own, I don’t have to worry about my limitations of my writing,  grammar do not matter, I don’t need anybody’s approval, no body to reject it like a publisher, people who likes me likes them whether they read or not, some body comments only if they have the urge to, else the rest keeps quiet.”

“It keeps me connected with people.  I can say what I want without being interrupted, some of the posts triggers their memory of their own experiences, and so on”.

” I give meaning to a lot of insignificant things in my life”.

” You know, no event in life has any sense, it is we who give meanings to it and then we react to it our own way”

” That’s why, what is important for me is not as important for you”

” I don’t worry about my language  and it’s correctness,  because mostly it has a spoken style”.

” Some friends tell me, it’s like they are hearing me”.

“I adapted that style to cover my deficiency in  English language”.

“ hello,  are you there “, I realised a silence at the other end. I was so absorbed in my talking like my writing,  I was not aware, any body listening or reading.  The line had got disconnected and I was busy conversing to myself.  It’s ok, just like Jatinder, he is the same, would walk away whenever he got bored.  He liked to talk, never to listen. At least I took stock of my inside. 

When I opened my mail box , found his mail with Subhash’s, his ward, CV and a small note, this is the bandha ( candidate) I was talking about, fix him. The line got cut, keep blogging. Send me the link , if I get mood, I will read, no guarantee. Yours Jatinder

Let me continue what I would have talked to Jatinder, whether he was listening or not.

His question “Who reads your blogs” ? True, there is no simple answer for that. There are generally around 300 to 500 who visits my blog, how many of them  read,, I am not sure.  That score is not good enough to be appreciated by bloggers association, if there is any. The real bloggers have strike rates in many thousands and many of them converts them into revenues. I write for my enjoyment and if my readers enjoy it, its a bonus, thank you.

The varied responses to the posts at different times are interesting.

 I like your style.

I like your language.

I like the content.

The message is very good.

Enjoyed  reading.

Too light and forgot.

You were all over the place.

I missed the connection between the start and the end

Its too long.

Its too short.

The ending was abrupt.

It reminded me of my experience…

I have marked it, to read it later (which may not happen).

 Take care of your grammar and spellings.(One reason, I don’t share it with my spouse, she lectures in English ).

The grammer and spelling criticisms are true. Once I pour out what I  want to write, I do not want to go back and spoil my feeling. I feel, somehow, my style will cover the shortcomings.

One of the biggest advantage, I find in writing, is I can say what I want without any interruption unlike verbal communication. When you are telling some one, many times, the listener interrupts with their comments or tries to complete your sentences midway or brings in their experiences which they get reminded of. Some people wait impatiently for you to finish, when they remember something in between and in the process do not listen to the rest of your story. In writing, comments and their stories come at the end of your story 😊.

Today, most of our reading is forwards in social media like whatsapp, facebook and others. Many people have told me, I also want to write, some says, no time, proper mood, will not be able write well, scared. I also had this low esteem, that used to stop from starting..

We may not be equal, however we are UNIQUE. No similarities between two people. Every life is an experience and a story.

 Have you heard the answer for  Why did GOD make human beings ? The answer is because HE/SHE  likes stories.

(The HE/SHE is to avoid debate on gender discrimination.)

Let me tell you, emphatically YOU CAN WRITE. Please don’t ask me, what if I do not want to 😊.Very recently, I learnt a new thing, if you do things that you do not like, it improves your WILL POWER, like taking the stairs, sleeping on a hard surface, living in a discomfort zone and so on.

A suggestion for making a start for people who is like the initial me. You know, you can verbally communicate an incident or a story or an advise or anything to your friends and relatives. What about putting down the same words in writing, Put it in quotes, which will make it in conversational mode, that way you do not have to worry about grammar, if that is your block.. If you think it is difficult to remember what you said, record it in your telephone, play it back and write it down. If you have voice to text converter, may be better. If you do not like to type, write it in your own handwriting.

Regarding” no time”, you can note down your thoughts in your phone note pad whenever it happens. Later, you can come back and add more.It can be just one line or a paragraph. Use the opportunities you  get when you are travelling (not driving),traffic blocks or long signal stops (when driving), baby sitting (while baby is sleeping), boozing (good time for ideas and Philosophies, which disappear  when booze effect drains)  or any available gap. When these collections take a shape, you can collate, copy and paste it into a blog. There are few free blog sites to start writing into like WordPress and Wix. Log into or and answer simple questions to get registered.

It can be on Travel, Holidays, Art, Science, Technology, Farming, Expertise. Romance, Nature, Parenting, Gardening, Vitamin D, Proteins, Wellness, Music, Dance, Nature, Cookery, Books, Cosmos, Engineering, on anything under the Sun and beyond.

Remember, what is obvious for you need not be obvious for others, so go ahead, stop the hesitation.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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19 thoughts on “Bloody Blogger”

  1. Excellent,wish me too can write.may be next janmam.samething happens when I hear a song.
    Potte,may be I am better at other things.
    Thank you for sharing your blog,
    By the by I come across people like your friend.
    They are among us.
    You made me write alot.
    Bye Rajan

  2. This was so insightful Rajammava. In the end, this blog is for you to pour out whatever you have in your mind. You wanted to share it with the people, but that does not mean everyone must agree with you-but that does matter. Grammar, the structure everything is not important, when the point you put across reaches your virtual listeners. Thank you Rajammava.

    1. Thank you Meenakshi, I wish you also start sharing your experience what your talent brings. You can start by creating a journal and later share it, whenever you feel like.

  3. Hi Rajendra Menon Sir,
    To be frank, hardly i red your blog. But i don’t know why i spent my time reading this blog. Really i liked this. The content made me laugh and recalled old memories of my best friend days. It’s motivated me to write some thing about my feelings which i come across in many incidents, hope soon i will start:). This blog helped me to tell my son to express his feelings in writing which improves his English as well vocabulary.

    Thanks for sharing nice blog.

    Good day………………

    1. There is song in Kannada which says “I do not sing because others listen. It is a necessary duty for me to sing.” (the poet uses a stronger word “anivaarya karma”). Very similar about writing too….

      Good writing.

  4. Sir, I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep writing. This particular one – can someone be so unreasonable, especially the one who is asking for a favor? It looked bit of a fiction to me. The Jatinder character. May be there are such people.

    1. Udaya, this is not fiction. It takes all sorts to make the world. This guy is bindas,an insensitive, this behaviour helps him to lead a less stressful life. Since I knew his style, I did not mind. In fact I accept every body’s behaviour.

  5. You have encouraged us more than once 🙂 I have considered it and just not followed through. Maybe this week … Thank you Menon Sir.

    1. Thank you, Nambisan. We would like to read your rich experiences, I am a secret admirer of your far reaching visions.

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