Your mood, mind it

moodI saw a friend’s status in skype ‘in the mood’. He means you can call him, he is in the mood to talk, that is why he is online. That’s it, you need a mood to act. Procrastination happens because you are not in a mood.
Shall we go for a movie ? Not today, I am not in a mood. People going to meet their bosses, asks his secretary, “How is the mood”. She will tell them, not good. In that case shall come later and they leave.
Entire day, this word mood pops up in almost everybody’s mind some time or the other. And not many are aware of it. For every positive action you need the right mood,that is what it means.
If things are not happening, why not ? You have the talent, skill, attitude, right emotions, health to perform, yet you are stuck, it is the mood and it is not right. Think about the variations in your mood during the day. If you are not feeling like doing something you want or have to do, check your mood. Change your mood, make it right for the job in hand.
Depression is a mood, so is anxiety. Both of them affect our performance. Being calm or a desire for action can help us move forward.
For me there are no problems, only situations to deal with. I am not able to convince others to have that view point. They say life is full of problems, just shut up.
Your mood can be low if you have a problem. All your problems can fall under one of these categories and they are health, finance, job and relationship. Please tell me another category which I may be missing, may be security. If you can categorize all your problems, you will start feeling light and your mood will improve.
A simple cold can affect your mood, so can a shortage of money, a wrong job and an affected relationship.
What can change the mood ? Once you become aware of your mood, from a walk to dance, sing, a book, call a friend , music, a beautiful scene outside your window, a sunset, meditation, help to someone, breathing exercise, anything that works for you, can uplift your mood.
Just stand up, straighten yourself, hold your chin up and lift your hands above your head. There you are, there is a change in your mood. Go, do, what you wanted to.
However, taking the help of cola, cigarettes, drugs, drinks, caffeine are just short term energy provider and a long term disaster.
Words like magnificent, glorious can uplift your mood and serene, tranquil can change into a calm mood.
Mood may sound insignificant, try the exercise of being aware of your mood for just one day, and do things that can uplift it and experience the transformation.
Get into your car, roll up the windows, shut the world out, mute the music, sit quietly, close your eyes to the silence and a calmness settles inside you. I love this.
If the mood is not changing for the better, don’t worry, befriend it, it will leave on its own.

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2 thoughts on “Your mood, mind it”

  1. mood out is not a permanent feeling mood can change anytime.mood out occurs due to so many reasons like negative feeling,small setbacks in daily life etc but we have to overcome and try to understand the reason for it and change that feeling through concentration.Meditation for some time concentrte on your breething for some time you do not need the support of any symbols just concentrate on your breathing and say IAM IAM HE.try this ancient technique.

    1. Emotions are temporary, moods are more lasting, though not permanent. You are right. Moods can change our breathing, at the same time we can change our breathing to change our mood. IAM HE in other words can be ‘So ham’ or ‘hong saw’. Here the key is to be aware of the mood. What we miss out is the awareness of our mood.Mind your mood.

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