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Thanks to a great initiative by Dr Bhanudev Bhatt with other association members Mr Dinesh Mr. Annayya,  Mr P Jaltare,  Mr. Nagaraj, Mrs Nagaraj, Mr Simha, Prof Havaldar, Mr B. Hegde, Mr U Joisa, Mr Kumar,  to keep the layout clean, was put into action, as Swachh RR program.  I was living with a feeling of guilt, since I was out of town, unable to participate, whenever it was happening. A weak excuse though, I could have done it any other day,  whenever I was in town. Swachatha should be our motive, not who is watching.

Finally, I made it, participated in last Sunday’s  program.  A take away for me besides an enjoyable participation , was meeting some community service minded people of our  layout, for the first time and I have been living here since last eight years. It is a matter of time, I am going to be on first name terms with the above mentioned Mr and Mrs.

We formed groups and took charge of cross streets, picked up waste plastic, bottles and  papers lying  around into waste bags for the corporation vehicle to pick it up. There were lot of “bend ,pick up and walk” to do, a good test of wellness of my back. It was a feel good activity, go for it you will enjoy it.

I am sure, many are watching from their windows, hesitating to participate in the movement. If every family decides to keep their surroundings clean, it will add up to the whole country ending up being clean. A clean environment, a healthy environment.

During one of the cleaning operations, the team requested the owner of a car, parked in front of this house, to move it , to clean the area. Well he obliged, moved the car, went back home and closed the door. That was a joke because he was supposed to take the hint and participate.

There was a guy who said I did not throw that garbage which was in front of his house.Mr Udaya Joisa, remarked, when a crow shits on your shirt do you expect it to clean it for you.  This is similar to the chap in Bangalore  who threw the skin on the road after eating a banana, was told  by a bystander “ keep your city clean”. Pat came the reply “Oye, my city is Patiala”

Mr Hegde saw a lady, from the neighbouring layout,  bring her dog to  litter in our colony.

Meanwhile, Vidya Rajesh, went around the colony , to educate, how to segregate waste for easy handling and disposal. The system is a s follows:

Every residence should segregate the household waste into :

– WET WASTE  consisting of kitchen waste and biodegradable items.

– DRY WASTE consisting of paper, plastic, washed and dried milk packets, tetra packs

and any other RECYCLABLE items

– OTHER WASTE consisting of sanitary wastes, soiled diapers, soiled tissues, anything

that may contain human tissues/germs.

Make segregation a habit.

Further, she has been sharing her knowledge on composting with us. She has sent us the link torthe blog, which has many informative articles on composting.


Thank you madam, your efforts and services are commendable.

DR Bhatt wrote to us about the potential damage of how burning any type of plastic releases toxic and potential cancer-causing chemicals into the air, which can be inhaled by humans and animals and deposited in soil and surface water and on plants.

The other day I saw a video wherein, a few people threw around  some crap and started cleaning the place and that was for the camera.

Right now it is a mass movement , hopefully it will motivate the rest to take care of their own surrounding. It is an appeal, not just to the people of royal residency layout, it is to all my countrymen.

Any of you would like to understand more about the activities of RR layout, kindly contact me.  At the same time you are requested to share your  community experiences  and activities with us.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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3 thoughts on “Swachh layout-royal residency”

  1. fine it is good to hear about the cleaning process mumbai is still farbehind as here people are speaking about swach bhart but no activities.everybody is expecting somebody to take the charge.anyhow hope people will become healthy as it needs bending the health will definitely improve and flexibility will be more for the body.Thanks for the initiative taken by our prime minister.

    1. The word swachh carries the tag of PM, that is why I did not mention him. Hereafter we need to credit those who takes up the lead on the ground level.Take the lead for a small area, many will follow.

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