Thank you, wrong number

“Hello, how are you”
A familiar voice but who. I thought of continuing, maybe along the way I will find out, did not want to upset him by asking who are you.
“Ya, fine and you ?”.
“Badiya (fine), your voice is different, got a cold ?”.
I said Yes.
“Your daughters are, one in uttarakhand ? “
“She is in himachal pradesh”, I said.
He continued, “Rajiv and Sanjiv were here, for a month, had some good time and now only the budda buddi ( old man and woman) are at home. These kids have so much money, they bring me a new laptop and an” iphone for both of us, every time they come. What a waste of money, I have 6 laptops and phones and I hardly use them.”
“you can donate them”, I said
“My wife will not, she says it is from our children, pagal hai (mad), “
“And more, they will buy a new car for us, everytime they are here”
“Oh wow, so how many cars do you have “, I asked, a little amused at his asset declaration.
“Only one, parking problem, you know what, they wanted to buy a big house, with a big compound to park our cars. Here I put down my foot, buckwas ( non sense), at our age, we need only one room to live” he said.
“Children do not understand, they think they are making us happy by these expensive gifts. Our happiness is in knowing that they are doing well and happy. They are our best gifts, their visits and love is all we want. We are better off than our previous generation, we can be on video call and in touch anytime. One way, we are lucky, our children are trying to express their love for us, though in an expensive way. Subhash is always complaing, his children hardly calls them, they have no time for them, dukhi athma ( sad soul). ”
“True” I said, wondering Subhash Kaun hai (who is Subhash).
“What is left for us, only our children’s happiness, actually….”
I interrupted, “ Another way to keep our children happy is to look after our health “.
“Correct, you are right, that is a good point. It will be very difficult for them, if we fall sick. I did not think in that line. They have their own children and life to look after. We are careful, from now onwards, Jyada dhyan denge ( shall pay more attention)” , he said. “ What about you ?” he asked.
“We, my children and us, are living with a happy awareness that all of us are there for each other, with occasional calls and maybe once or more meeting in a year.” I summarized our family relationship.
“I am unable to explain to my children that we have to be careful with our money. Life is full of Ups and downs. Imagine, one day you lose your job and money stops coming to you, then you will regret. They tell me, Anna you should be positive, enjoy whenever you can, we will see when it happens. It is very scary to see them travel at the speed they are travelling. Covid was a lesson to teach about uncertainties of life. It showed nothing is in your control. When someone’s father died, he could not travel to attend his cremation. All rituals were done in video. Crazy. They say there is somethings in your control and not in your control. I will say, nothing is in your control. ” There are many talented who has gone unrecognized, whom will you blame. None of them are making things happen. It’s happening. We are all enacting a role in the life script. ”
To make him realize I am alive at the other end, I chipped in “ in life, the connection between point A and Point B is never a Straight line. Many times it deviates from the plan. ”
Point A ————‐-‐—————‐–‐————–‐‐Point B

“What wonderful days, when the whole family were staying together, gone are the days”. He said.
“Next generation, will have to look for shelter in retirement or senior citizen’s homes”, I said.
“Yes, yes..I will tell my children to prepare for that life by saving money instead of blowing it up, I don’t think they will heed to any advise. This generation thinks we are useless because they have an upper hand with 1 modern technologies. They do not realize that they are building on the fundamentals and inventions provided by the oldies, right from invention of the wheel”.
He abruptly jumped into a conclusive mode, “The year is coming to an end, and it went by faster than all the previous years, all because of covid ‘.
“Ya, we are in the last lap, it is anytime”, I said
“Share your ideas and knowledge, do not keep it inside, no point in carrying it with you” looked like his parting advise.
“Ok Sajan, we shall talk later, my kids will be calling now, bye”.
“Bye”, I said, I didn’t say my name is not Sajan, I am Rajan.
My wife asked me who was that, pretty long conversation.
I said, “wrong number” !!!


Happy 2022 to all of you, dear ones 😀

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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12 thoughts on “Thank you, wrong number”

  1. Thanks for keeping the suspense even after the call ended. Now, you will always chuckle when you remember this call.


    1. It sounds like generic conversation between two Buddhas ( senior citizens, to make it more respectful. Is it possible that the caller was an old friend of yours who misspoke your name?

      1. I called him the next day to tell him he wasn’t talking to Sajan and I was not sure who he was. Since I enjoyed the conversation, I did not interrupt. He should call Sajan and tell him else it may lead to a misunderstanding when they interact the next time, sajan unable to pick the thread of the continuation of the communication

  2. Excellent Creative writing in your own style.
    Brings out thee prdicament of senior citizens in these difficult days. a nice wrong number to remember Sajan.

  3. An interesting Wrong Number Call. This is everybody OLDIES experience. New generation thinking and approach is aptly told by Sajan’s friend.

  4. Good writing as usual! Some wrong number calls are not waste of time after all. 🙂
    Parents feeling that they are better humans due to lifestyle changes is always a common scenario heard in conversations. It continued to current day from the times of our parents-grandparents, grandparents-great grand parents and so on. It will continue forever! 🙂 While staying together doesn’t necessarily mean good relations, staying apart doesn’t mean bad relations as well. Not it is all about how much people care and support each other. Let’s hope for a better new year 2022 and beyond in all respects!

  5. Very nicely written with a strong message that parents and old people does not want expensive gifts but love and togetherness, which is dying in our country.

  6. That was a very interesting read. ‘ Wrong numbers’ are sometimes more interesting than the ‘right numbers ‘ ( who don’t let you have a word edgewise) mostly because of the unpredictability and ‘new’ness ! Happy New Year !

  7. Right interruption On “Thank you Wrong No”.Keeps the tempo right through. A smile appears at the end. Suspense keeps on. Thanks for the right interruption Raj

  8. Hi Rajan,
    I enjoyed reading this episode. If it is from your imagination then you could be an interesting story writer. Else, you should also write about the next day response. The story is incomplete.
    Wish you happy and plenty of writings in 2022.

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