My heart is beating

Among my friends and relatives, of different age groups, who were victims of heart problem, few survived and others did not.
The news of two popular faces who took their fitness very seriously succumbing to heart attack in their 40s have made the public sit up and become aware, exercising is not the answer to live long and stay healthy.
Every heart has its own reason to stop beating.
Heart attacks are not an ageing disease and now youngsters are falling prey to this. Looking fit and healthy do not guarantee disease free.
High blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, poor eating habits, and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to cardiac issues.
Blood pressure can be tested at a clinic or at home with the help of blood pressure monitors, whereas you can get your cholesterol checked through a blood test.
Here is a compilation of Important Signs Of Heart Failure collected from various sources
Back pain
Back pain can be a sign of cardiac trouble. This can be a symptom of an oncoming heart attack if the pain is in the lower or upper back.
Even if you haven’t done anything particularly strenuous, getting short of breath could be an indication of a panic attack or a heart attack.
Chest Pain
One of the traditional warning indicators of heart disease or a heart attack is chest pain.
If you have persistent cough that produces sputum, you should pay close attention to the colour of the sputum. Pink-white sputum should be avoided at all costs. If your cough gets worse when you lie down at night, it could be an indication of heart trouble..
Cold Sweat
Cold sweats can be an indication of heart illness.
Cramps In The Thighs And Buttocks
Cramps are frequently caused by a magnesium shortage.
Fatigue can be a sign of heart disease as well as a result of not getting enough sleep.
There are a variety of causes, but it could also be a sign of cardiac disease, a drop in blood pressure, which causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, resulting in fainting.
Arrhythmia, medical name for an irregular heartbeat can lead to a stroke.
Nausea And Loss Of Appetite
Nausea, indigestion, and a loss of appetite are also signs of a heart disease risk.
Pain In The Upper Body And Arms
When there is a pain in the upper torso and arms can be a symptom of a heart attack.
Pain In The Toes
If you feel pain in your toes when you’re resting , it may be due to cardiac condition.
Fluid build-up
Fluid build-up in the body is one of the signs of heart disease.
Swelling Of The Leg
Swollen legs, may indicate heart trouble.
Snoring, generally pointed out by others may be a signal that needs confirmation
Sleep Apnea
A person with sleep apnea repeatedly stops breathing while sleeping. This has been linked to irregular pulse, heart disease, heart failure, stroke.
Sudden Migraine
Migraines with vomiting and dizziness can potentially signal the presence of heart problems, stroke or even a clot.

Referred pain points for the heart, the pain may be on the chest, left hand and on the back below the collar bone

I am no doctor, the above lists may be one of the signals, no harm in taking action. One doctor told me we treat, HE cures.

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6 thoughts on “My heart is beating”

  1. Good one, it’s good to be aware of the above body signs, but, unfortunately, the expiry date is set for all, it’s just that we don’t know when. My uncle passed away recently due to heart attack, he was just 59. Maybe he ignored above signs, but, his time was up. Got to go :-(.

  2. Pretty informative Rajettan, ..An eye opener to all those who are in the corporate rat race( cutting across all ages). .Yoga helps a lot to destress if done consistently….

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