Crime and punishment

Humble pranam to  my friend and relative Hari Kumar who left us on 28 May 2021 due to a brief illness. My special thanks to him, a design oriented thinker, foodie, coffee drinker, liver on his own terms, for his time, life lessons and management lessons, which I will cherish till the end. I am going to miss his sense of humor, knowledge sharing and his constructive feedbacks and encouragement of the posts of my blog.


Crime & punishment

There is song from the fifties, its lyrics meant, look at the condition of your  world, God, how much human have changed, nothing in the  galaxy  changed…

Aspi, my friend and I were in a tea shop listening to this song, flowing out of a radio  during our college days. He  looked at me and said humans have not changed. I accepted what he said without giving much thought  to it. Now, I realise, what he said is true

Another song had lyrics which said, my sweet heart , it is difficult to live here,  avoid , be safe, this is bombay,  my love. This song is from the 50s.

What are the changes we have experienced, since then until now ..?

Decades, centuries, millenia.

Handwritten to voice converted text  document.

SNAIL mail to emails  

Music carrier from Gramaphone to mobile phone.

Camera films to digital photography and drones

Manual to analog to digital

Shopping from brick and mortar stores to online and home delivery facilities.

Instant communication and global reach.

Travel modes from walks to flights.

Automobiles from Ambassodors to high end Mercs.

War modes from primitive arms to sophisticated nuclear to biological weapons. 

Human emotions like anger, sorrow,  joy, fear and so on have not changed. Crimes in the society has not changed, it existed  from time immemorial and will continue until the end of humanity. Studies are on to reach  other planets like Mars, nothing is going to change,  since we will be carrying our minds with us. 

We have progressed materialisticaly with the help of technology, automation and artificial intelligence resulting in improvement in productivity, physical comfort. Medical science has advanced to treat and prolong your life, cure still at a distance for many illness.

The crimes and reasons have not changed. Crimes are under the name of  poverty, religion, racism, class, greed, power, mafia, politics, corruption, unemployment, and such reasons, where Sex crimes and child abuse tops the list.

There are constant endeavour in social science researches with policies, programs, preaches and lectures to make the society crime free, the criminals don’t care. We will be living with crime and punishment.

Criminal laws are clearly spelt out, punishments ranging from imprisonment to death are given. Influences and money helps the guilty many a time to go scot free. While invasion of a country, murder, rapes and loots are not questioned, in some cases even during election victory celebration in some countries!!!

An acquaintance, a lady, CEO of a company, gave me a brief history of her growth to the position she is in. While on the subject of safety of women in our country, she said ” What safety, safety is a chance, I have been assaulted, once in a foreign country and another time here in India, On both occasions, I have fought and send them to jail. I did not allow myself to feel a victim and moved on. Mind you, those guys were educated, you cannot blame lack of education. There are lot of risks in life, women should be taught to fight and sense knocked into guys in their childhood. If you can prevent, well and good, if it happens, don’t get bogged down, dont feel ashamed, don’t worry about what people will say, fight them, report, act. For most, it is a traumatic experience, difficult to get up and fight. Well, it is not easy, my case here in India was tough and I am a gutsy woman so I could take it to the end. Don’t listen to the crap, India is not a safe place, everywhere it is risky, here more guys respect you than the ones that disrespect you”.

Today the numbers of lawlessness look more than the past, there are two reasons, one, the population has multiplied, second, the information reaches across the globe within seconds unlike the past where it may not even go beyond the scene of action.

Religion believes the world has been created by God, the atheists and scientists  says big bang and God particle, who ever did it, looks like it has been designed for duality, life death, dharma adharma, love hate, rich poor, man woman, black white, high low, hot cold, light dark…( rest I leave it to you to add).

Today, we are fighting a war with a common enemy, Covid, are we united ? The corrupt, politicians, the mafia are busy fanning their vested interest, not realizing, it is WE or then there were none in the long run.

Wish you all a safe and healthy journey in life


The two hindi songs mentioned above

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3 thoughts on “Crime and punishment”

  1. Unless we change from inside and try to be better human being, we can’t see a changed healthy world.
    May Hari sirs soul RIP.

  2. RIP for your friend, Menon.
    On the issue of women’s safety, I am very confused. Which country is safe? I find women are vulnerable everywhere, whether at workplace or otherwise. Only difference is in India the women are not safe in the streets where as that is no so in western countries.

  3. Women are vulnerable anywhere any this world….but your friend has shown great courage to get justice for the ordeal she has gone through👏🏻👏🏻

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