Leaving on time

My neighbour friend came to our room and asked ” what’s the best way to commit suicide”. We were in the first year of our engineering, with four people sharing a room at NIT Rourkela. We jokingly suggested, hanging , train, poison and many others. He laughed and said none of them are OK. My friend added, in case you have plans to go, give me your instrument box. He said he will.
Within a week his body was found in the lake near our campus. Unbelievable, with no signs to indicate that he was not joking all these days. He swam to the middle of the lake with the help of an inflated tyre and deflated it. Bored or scared of life but dared to die this way. I left for home, it took me one week to recover.

I learnt a big lesson, that a smiling face is no guarantee of a happy mind. Lots of wisdom does the rounds after the event.
Human mind is as deep as a bottomless pit, this is one area, people will talk authoratively not knowing they will never be a complete master.
Many of them do not want to talk of death, a morose subject, the only realty in life.
I am expecting some of my friends to stop reading this here because of the subject.

How do we know, what is the right age to die.
Some how it is assumed that we have to grow old and sick to die. Look back, recall all the people you know who died, your relatives, friends, acquaintances, friend’s friends, politicians, actors, sportsmen and many unknown, did they all die after living 90 to 100 years ?

Nobody has understood life, how can we understand death. We are shocked and grieved when we hear about a death, its natural. The period of grievance varies on individuals depending on the relationship. A dependant daughter will cry for more days than the married daughter.

Death has so many patterns and that is another shock. People exit via murders  suicides, accident, illness, many of them freaks, so it seems.
A truck crossed the median and hit a bus killing a few, sitting in different seats, random pick.
A young healthy man had a complete medical check up, dies of heart attack after a week, aged 50 only.
A relative in the village who was bitten by a cobra could not reach the hospital inspite of getting a transport in time. The vehicle breaks down on the way, the next one also same case, they were good cars, obstacles to delay the reaching the hospital.
Another person has a chest pain in front of a hospital but advises the helps to take him to another hospital where his son is a doctor. The son says this hospital is not equipped to deal with such cases and rushes to the hospital near which the attack had occurred. Reaches the hospital, too late, over.
People beat up doctors, damages hospitals when their ward dies, blaming everything around. There may be negligence, you need to correct, at the same time accept the reason for the departed to go and it was a must.
We can be born and go around anywhere in life, finally you will be there on that day and time.

The only reality in life is the end, so stop fearing it. 
People go into depression, some manages to come out with some help. Others commits suicide. It is easy to say find somebody to talk to as a solution to the issue. Contact the help line. The one destined to live will find a way out, the others will not look for it.

There are scientists who have taken their own lives, we do not know what went through their mind. Maybe a failure that deprived all meanings life, where some others will take it as a challenge and somersault back into life.

There are successful film personalities who went into depressions, some of them have come out of it and others committed suicide.
Two cricketers who represented the the country, were contemplating suicide.
One of them looked at his children, realised he has to live for them, found meaning and decided to give up death.
Every event in our life is meaning less on its own. We have to give meaning to it.
Like cricket is one of my interest, I have many others, you can pick your own subjects to be interested in.
It can be social service, innovation in things we are doing, relationship, kindness, giving and so on.

Once you stop creating something new or something new happening, you are bound to get into boredom, which can lead to suicidal thoughts.
It is a nice question to ask, when was the last time you did something for the first time. If you can answer that everyday, your life can be interesting.

There is a dash between your start date and end date. That dash is your life, its in your hands to make it colorful the way you want.

It is very clear any body can be stillborn or die at any time.
My conclusion or shall I say belief ( it can change in the future, if I can get some good reason) is everybody has a date of birth and date of death (dod), time, place, and method. Nobody goes before his DOD and will never cross the line of dod, never mind when you were born, you can be 5, 10, 20 or 50.

One astrologer had told me my end date and its 3 years since that date. I am wondering whether I should ask him my money back or tip him for his mistake.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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4 thoughts on “Leaving on time”

  1. I still vividly remember that incident, Rajen, that happened 51 years ago. He stayed in the next room to mine. I could not understand why he ended his life. When I saw his grieving parents, I had resolved that I will never end my life like him.
    During five years my stay at NIT R, I had seen few more cases of students ending their lives. in one case, one of our senior topper ended his life which appeared to be for no reason. They must be going through a lot of stress to commit suicide. More help is available now but still people commit suicide.
    You are right. No one knows when the end will come. So, let us not think much about it.

  2. Rightly said mind is a kind of a devil .Every time I get angry I remind myself that I will not get angry myself ,even in the face of Grave provocation but when the occasion comes the mind blinks for the moment and I do get angry .
    many people who commit suicide do it at the the spur of the moment and not by thinking deeply most of us were deeply disturbed by the suicide of Rajput the actor.

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