Open your palm

I got 2 calls and both had similar stories of situations at home under the lockdown condition.

The physical distance may be protecting you from a certain disease and the curfew may have put your near and dear ones under one roof. Many got stuck wherever they were and have got separated.

The uncertainty, chaos and fear are affecting the individual’s behaviour. Different reactions to a particular situation leads to arguments and fights among the near and dear ones.

Many reactions are due to love for the other. Nobody understands, they are blinded by the emotions on these occasions.

Is there a way to minimise the fight ? It’s up to you.
Accept the fact many are in a paranoid state. Our reactions are influenced by our nature and they are different, though all are in the same boat. Situations are worsened by prolonged reactions, repeat of statements, quoting old blames.

One way is not to interact too much with each other, you end up stepping on each other’s toes. A TV or music may not be a good idea unless you are sure, it is a program all of you enjoy. There is no gurantee all of you will love the program all the time. It depends on the moods. If they are different, leave. Not a big deal, it is just from one room to the other. Try and do something which you can do as an individual. Find a receipe and cook, play chess or cards with the computer or a game or whatever you can think of.
Learn something new or do something for the first time.

Things you were doing easily in the earlier times can end up in stress with the present state of mind. Don’t take up such jobs. Do only the essentials. Don’t get into habits, that may turn you into a slave of it in good times in the future. Whenever a tantrum is creeping up, move out of the scene, try to understand. Stop reacting to small things.

Getting into social media may not be a good idea because there also people are fighting and you will be walking into a similar environment.

It is seen that many are just 1 or 2 hours off the phone during the waking hours. This can lead to text neck syndrone which creates a problem in the cervical region like pain and arthritis in the neck.

What’s happening today, all over, the world is engaged in a fire fighting situation, shooting in the dark.

Everybody, billions of them are groping in the dark and you have some people in the lead position of responsibility, working to get us out of a situation. They are doing their best with the help of people sacrificing their lives to save others to come out of the rut.

But I don’t like the leader, this is my best opportunity, to tell others that these guys do not know anything, they are misleading you (never mind we are in total darkness), this is not the way (I hope they don’t ask me the way, it’s pitch dark). If I keep shouting what they should not be doing, I will get noticed, this is an idea I have got from wise people, who are not in the government, celebrities like actors, journalists, channels, page 3 characters and the opposition, in the centre and state.
Lock down, wrong decision.
I said, look at some sad faces, poor people dying with out food. Some body said what the fuck, can’t you and your friends feed them for a few days. I hurried by, did not hear those words.
I said, look at the poor, half the country will starve to death.
All these years , we had poor people, where were you ?
Again, I did not hear that.
I don’t like the person at the helm of affairs, he should go, never mind if it is over the dead bodies.

Sorry, we went out of the house, on to the streets, when we were discussing the issues at home in the present situation.

By the way, yoga or breathing exercise or meditation ( simplest – sit on a chair, close your eyes, breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly,. While this is happening observe your breathing,15-20 minutes), or all of them will also help.
Every emotion changes your breathing style, makes it shallow affecting your lungs. Any time, when in stress, spend 5 minutes in deep breathing, notice the change.

There is enough money in the hands of few to take care of rest of the country, they have to open their palms. Many have done it and others are doing it.

Any way, all these are irrelevant for the people who are working from home for their office and others who are involved in social work, this is for those whose homes are in a turmoil.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading sir. In this time of quarantine best is to talk less as u r caught between the devil and the deep sea. And help few people or even at least stray animals.

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