Quack quack

Dr, among my friends and relatives, everybody is suffering from one thing or the other.

Is there a cure for diabetes ?

There is  treatment

Treatment is there, does it get cured?

It does not get get cured, you have to take  medicine through out your life. And if it does not reduce you have to be on insulin

What about B.P. ?

There is medicine for B.P.

B.P gets cured ?

If the medicines are taken regularly, it can be controlled. Isn’t that enough ? It will not get completely cured.

Is there medicine for Asthama ?

When Asthama comes, there is an inhaler to spray. Latest technology.

After that will Asthama come again ?

Asthama will come but we have good treatment.

And what about heart problem ?

Plenty of methods.ECG, TMT Angiogram, Cardioscan are various tests we have, after that we have Angioplasties, Bypass valve replacement, Pace maker etc etc

That’s fine, any medicine for cure

After the operation you have take lot of tablets, daily

For how  long ?

That’s difficult to answer

Ok leave it, what about cancer ?

If detected early, somethings can be done

Tell me is there any medicines for cure

There is no medicine but we have treatment, chemotherappy radiation..

Ok, there is no medicine for cancer,
What about AIDS ?

Nothing has been found yet  Research is on..

What about Rheumatoid
Arthritis ?

There is medicine to reduce pain.

That means no medicine for cure, only treatment

What about osteoporosis, any medicine ?

That is a wear out. We can use cement fillings and remove the kneecap, replace and other treatments..

What about a tonsillitis ?

We can control it with medicines for a period, after that we can remove it

Stop the medicines ?
No remove the tonsillitis

What about Thyroid ?
Treatment is there.. will be better to remove it

What about Kidney damages

We have medicines, in case it do not work, we can do dayalisis, later remove it and transplant from others

What about liver?

Transplantation can be done though we are not there fully yet.

What about sleeping disorders

There are tablets to put you to sleep.

What about common cold ?

It gets cured in one week or seven days.

In that case,  shall I tell my folks, to go for yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy ?

No no, they are not scientific, all quacks.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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4 thoughts on “Quack quack”

  1. Ha ha ha… the best thing sir, prevention is better than cure. Prevent the onset of diseases by eating right .

  2. You got honest answers from this doctor. But, go to any alternative medical practitioner and you will be told that they can cure any disease known to ‘god’ or mankind!

  3. So true only managed but no cure
    The whole pharmaceutical industry thrives on dispensing the medicine

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