Tomorrow is here

The  train to Bangalore reaches Ernakulam station, 45 minutes late  at 9.15 in the night. At this hour, people would like to unfold the berths and plan to sleep.

I get on to the middle berth (it’s AC 3 tier) and finds the three berths on  opposite side, vacant. Probably the occupants  will board in Trichur which is one and half hour travel, that means at around 10.45 or at Palakad which is 3 hours away, that’s around mid night.

A previous experience came to mind, I was fast asleep when the train reached Palakad and we had some of them rushing in, looking for their seats. One of them switches on the light and shouts, Mami come back, 39 and 40 are here. The shrill voice, gets support from another two, good enough to wake up the whole train. There was a “ come to see off gang” with them, to help to settle their luggage under the seat.

Turn it the other way and push, oh no it won’t go in, try under the side seats, hey the train is moving, go out, okay ,bye and some of them jump out. Luckily, the travelers were in and the visitors were the ones who were back on the platform. You never know, they could have been a mix-up between who is going, who is staying. The ticket checker comes and looks at their ticket and tells them they are in B1,  when their seats are in B2.

What !!!

They pull their luggage out from under the seats to rush to B2, when the TT tells them to relax , they can walk across to the next compartment through the connected vestibule.

That was two or three trips ago, of mine

Here again, I am in situation with  three empty berths, staring at me in anticipation,  “your co-passengers will be boarding late at night and you have an option to go to sleep for next hour and half, get jolted out of it and struggle to go back to sleep or wait until…”

The train reached Palakad carrying those empty seats, it was around mid night, when a couple with their son, seven or eight years old, checked in quietly, talking in  whispers, taking care not  to disturb the sleeping passengers. I was impressed by the decency of this family, though I was all keyed up for the expected.

They made the bed over the middle berth for the son , got him to lie down, kissed him and I heard the boy say to them, “there is a tomorrow, see you tomorrow”. Within minutes , I heard the boy snore, though gently. I kept wondering about the boy’s positive affirmation before going to sleep and his snore,  before I fell asleep.

Next day morning, I heard the boy say, “ today is the tomorrow we were talking about, yesterday”.

“Yes, all the tomorrows will come”, that was his father.

The boy was reading from his father’s phone for sometime, when he looks up, and tells his mother, ” Amma, Virat Kohli scored 149, Dinesh Karthik, zero, I am sure he will score in the  second innings.”

The Amma just smiles at him.

” You think , I can play for India because I think I will”, he continues. ” Yes, of course, you will ” the mother was very encouraging.

“First, I will have to get into the school team. I will practice hard after school, till it is dark”, the boy was looking into the tomorrow and telling his dad.

“Yes, we will join the cricket academy”, his father said

“We will ask the doctor, whether I will be able to play cricket”, the boy said.

The mother got up and walked away, may be to be away from the scene, that’s what I inferred.

I felt uncomfortable, in midst of the positive conversation, though I was not a participant. Is there a story unfolding ? Should I, probe ?. Decided to be quiet, Krpuram, my station to alight was approaching and I walked to the door.  By not seeking any confirmation, I can stay positive, that there is nothing serious with the boy and he will fulfill his dreams. Some time, it is better not to know, than know.

I wish, in the future, there is a cricketer playing for India, with whom I traveled  in a train, some ten-fifteen years ago.


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16 thoughts on “Tomorrow is here”

  1. Then achamma will still say – in a matter of years my son will be on TV the cricket team. #appukuttanforever
    Very nice!<3

  2. Good narration of a small incident. But do all parents tell children such meaningful wishes? And when parents tell, child would believe and leave all their worries (at that age I doubt if he could have so many!) and could sleep well.
    I wish someone wish us like this every night.

      1. Yes. Even I felt so. But as it was not stated, I forced myself to believe that all was well, and it was the confidence of the boy in parents that made him sleep so quickly.

        Dr P Gopalakrishnan Consultant Reservoir Engineer Mangalath Pariyarath Kanjiramattom P O 682315 Kerala India

  3. Beautifully narrated.we had the same experience while traveling in train (of course in plane too) why people make so much noise,no consideration for others.thanks Rajan, you brought back our travel memories

  4. I have traveled often in the railway 3-tier AC and much of it through a night. I do not recall instances where passengers boarding at a station during the night being raucous enough to disturb others. I therefore surmise that railway passengers by and large are courteous enough about not disturbing their fellow passengers. The passengers you came across must be among the few exceptions and bad apples in a way.
    I have always preferred to sleep on the top berth for the simple reason that it does not require to wait (as with middle and lower berth) for the back rest to come down. Couple of times I have had to wait past 10 pm and it was uncomfortable given that I sleep early. The rules do state 9 pm as bed down time but I did not bring it up in those situations. One is often asked by an older passenger or his/her relative if I mind sleeping on the top berth and I readily agree.
    What I covet is a set of adjoining 3 seats in a plane as I can comfortably sleep by raising the arm rests and making myself a bed of sorts. The trick in claiming such a row assuming one is available is to wait till the plane’s doors are closed and then rush to the empty row before someone else claims it. Doing this when the plane is more or less done with boarding but the doors are not closed can lead to a situation where at the last moment someone (often a family) boards and has the empty row as their seats.
    One moves to an empty row not to be able to avoid any neighbors or to be able to use both armrests but to sleep. A problem arises when the plane enters turbulence and passengers are requested to fasten their seat belts. I therefore take advance action of securing the seat belt in sleeping position and ensuring that this is visible outside any blanket I may be using.. In most cases the air-hostess who checks seat belts are fastened has let me sleep through.
    One disadvantage of sleeping on a flight is that one has to forego the vast repertoire of entertainment that the airline offers on the small screen in front of your seat. On a few airlines the fare may not be worth choosing from (mostly airlines that fly to/from China) but in most cases one has ample choice on what to see. On one long flight I have seen as many as four movies at the expense of giving myself a sleep even if it is in sitting position.
    I agree that a positive attitude enables one to accomplish much more than when one has worries or doubts about what lies in future. Your young co-passenger may or may not make it to Indian team but his positive attitude is sure to take him places which are beyond where his capabilities alone may take him.
    Your ability to note such events and weave a blog around them is delightful as ever.

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