Going for a drink

Five and half feet in height and 90 kg, (multiply by 2.2, its 198 pound in the US). Something is wrong with the machine, you have no business to be so heavy. Good, bindas, better not to have a second (machine) opinion. Well, two other occasions, for fun, checked the weight, nothing is wrong with the machines. Surrendered to the reality, yes, you are ninety, that means you are over working you heart pump. If it can guarantee it will stop abruptly, I am going to ignore. What’s going to happen is the union of my internal organs are going to beat me for disrespecting a friend, that is my heart, who is keeping me alive from womb to tomb. They are going to make rest of my life and of others around me, miserable. If I go to a doctor, he will say reduce your weight and charge me for saying that, he can treat you for diseases and I have to wait for one that heavy weight can cause.

Go for morning walks, eat less, exercise…. Done.  A month passed and stood on the burning machine, ninety, stood on the toes, it flickered to point one less, the machine may have thought I am leaving and steadied again to ninety.

In a crowded road side near our layout, one evening, a lady stops me and says I am Manjula and gives me a card and says, please come to the nutrition club tomorrow between 8 and 9:30 in the morning and gives me a card with the address where I should be. My immediate reaction was I cannot come tomorrow, can I, the day after?  She says yes and explains the location which was a ten minute walk for me.

Then, the day after, we, my spouse and me walk up to the club and we are met and ushered in by a gentleman, he may have mentioned his name, it did not register. He takes us to a room, asks us to stand on a machine one at a time with our hand outstretched to hold on to a rod like motorcycle handle. The machine gives out some reading and he notes it down.  He tells what they are, they are your height, weight, BMI (body mass index), fat content and few others. Mine , everything was marked in red, means above normal, except my height. Spouse report looked decent, except one area that needed improvement.

Now the lecture, Mr Joseph starts with I am not a doctor, and I am not here to cure any disease, I am a nutritionist and I will talk about nutrition and the importance of it in your body. His daughter brings in two glasses of.. and he says it is green tea, have it. We start sipping the tea while he talks about the idea of nutrition club, it is to inform the people about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for optimum health.

All these years, I have heard, not listened, people around me talk about nutrition, Vitamin, minerals, carbo, burning of calories etc, never given a damn about its connectivity and importance. I have friends, on the dining table picking up what’s good because, its nutritious, rejecting for calorific reasons, while I would eat what’s in front of me and tastes OK.

He was talking about the percentage of carbohydrates, fat and proteins, vitamins and minerals required for a balanced diet, when his daughter brought in something else and poured it into our glass. I look up and he said  it’s a shake ,  a nutritious breakfast and  contains nutrients from various food groups in correct quantities and proportions adequately meeting body’s requirement. Fine, more talks and we take leave, to meet the next day.

Well, that day I felt good and did not eat anything until, of course, lunch time and was comfortable about it. Next day, spouse said she is not coming for whatever reason and I went. I thought I will be the only one there when I found 3 candidates, who have been coming there since a month and a few names on the board who are members, where some on tour,

A youngster working in IT company, you may think him as victim, not one when you hear what he has to say. I was flabby, lethargic, swollen faced, heavy and now look at me. I said you look bright. Another young lady, with sleep disorder and irregular periods, is back to normal. There is a Sardarji (when somebody called him a sardar, he corrected him, say sardar ji), a six footer, good built, booming voice, compulsive talker in the class, who is in truck body repair business, living a disciplined life, father of three sons aged 38,35,32. Before you ask him he starts talking about his daily routine right from the bed in the morning  to bed at night, about his life style, eating habits and the peg at night. He is active, says has not studied much, smart with experience, his sons have an age difference of three years. Why you know, he says, if children are born with this age difference, your wife will stay healthy. Hmm.. good point, Sardarji, very thoughtful and well planned. Love to  hear him talk, honesty and sincerity oozes out of him. I was wondering what he is doing here. Oye, have sugar problem, last reading is 240, high hai. He started testing his sugar level regularly and today he says there is a  good news, his reading is in the normal range (I feel it is too early for any reason to conclude) and our master gets up for a hi five with him. When he wants to give him one more, Mr Singh says, no more  because you are not strong enough to take another hi five from me, I don’t want to knock you down. He is comfortable in hindi. The master may look timid, he is fit as a fiddle. He has taken up the responsibility of making a difference in other’s life, after taking up the nutrition line for personal success.

The strength in the class is growing as friends who sees the changes in the participants, wants to come. This is no magic potion we are having, it is not a secret, its just the right combination that is working. The cell, which are the foundation is receiving the right nutrition for the tissues and organs. The slogan is not eat less, it is eat right. Looks like, I am marketing, I am not, more interested in sharing an experience which some of you may feel may not have a future. I am going ahead with a positive attitude. When none of the tried methods are working, here is one more option.

I am a new entry into this field, unlike you, that’s why I am blabbering. When a friend asked me where am I going in the morning, I said, for a drink.



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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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7 thoughts on “Going for a drink”

  1. Quite a nicely described emotion related feelings for someone, I can related to. Punch line takes the cake. Nicely done.

    1. It varies from person to person. One youngster, a lady, had a sleep disorder, day got reset on night one. Another had an irregular period issue, once in 4 months, got set on the 13 th day. It is just the balance combination of macro nutrients and micro nutrients.

  2. Cheers to the last line…
    (that must have made your morning-friend ‘feel better’ that ThankGod I am not a drunkard-kind)…
    You have described very effectively n nice humour for a wry issue…
    Essentially n frankly, no one would like the evil called dieting n imagine living with it…
    I have been practicing some “fairly good control” over food since a decade+ n definitely its no fun…
    But it’s helping me to have a smooth relationship with the organs that you have conversed with…
    Good you have started a dekko at it n i can vouch, it’s not all that difficult to exercise some choices on the Table…
    (it’s much better than the other exercises Doctors advise, hhaaaahhhhaaaaa)
    See you over a Drink some ‘evening’…

    1. There is no strict dieting here. Have a green tea and then the nutricious drink, at 8.30 and next I feel like having lunch around 1 pm. No big restrictions on lunch or dinner. Later they will introduce you to another drink for dinner, which is supposed to meet all your body requirements of nutrition,.vitamins and minerals. To supliment this we need to exercise like walking and a few warmups. Then keep drinking water. They say 20 kg weight requires 1 litre. So if we are 80 kg, we need to take 4 litres. A piddly affair…

  3. All sound fine, as long as you are not moving around much or visiting many friends during food sessions or depending on food from hotels…..

    Interesting aspect is you seem to be enjoying….

    All The Best………

  4. Beautifully written on a drink and experience of a nutrition club… It’s a holistic program, where we understand about 5 pillars of health. With the same drink and good food habits and with few good practices I have lost 11 kgs in 3 months, came out of irregular periods issue, constipation, migraine headache, low hemoglobin issue, muscle cramps, heal pain and many more health issues..

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