Beautiful eyes




Beautiful eyes

Accompanied spouse to the eye clinic. While waiting at the reception , saw a few looking up at the ceiling, others straight and the rest down, with their eyes closed. Someone was going round with eye drops and the lady comes to me and asks me to tilt my head. I ask her for what ? Drops, she says. I said, no, not me, not a patient. Then , don’t sit here, go there, well not very polite.
I find a seat, next to a happy looking gentleman and smiled at him. ‘Check up ?” I asked him. He said yes, cataract operation over, now I can read. I thought I was going blind, letters started to look blurred and I did not tell anybody. I was very upset. Doctor took very little time, laser treatment, costly but worth it, he said. That was lot of joy in the man, who believes he has got his vision back. Wondering how much he must have sat and imagined a dark future and he would have dealt with it. I told him how happy I felt seeing his joy and I got up to see the picture of the eye, a poster on the wall.
My thoughts went to my eyes, shut it, which I have done many times up till now, more often to sleep or relax. This time I did it to experience the darkness if we lose our sight. I wanted to get up and walk around, decided against it, dreading the consequences. The last time I must have thought about eye’s function, when we had to study about retina, cornea, Iris, optic nerve and other sections to pass some school examinations. Next time, it was when the vision was getting blurred to read, walked into an eye clinic, read some letters which looked more like name of a Ukranian, through some lenses, and got the glasses and life went on mechanically. Never felt grateful to the eye for being one of the main sources of beauty in my life nor regret for not taking care of it. An Ukranian went for an eye test and was asked “can you read these letters”, when he laughed and said “what read ?, I know these guys”.
Soft and the most delicate part of the body are eyes. Heard of children playing and poking into others eyes and damaging them. No other part is as vulnerable as eyes for damage. Every body knows it and takes it for granted.
In “Adventures in human body”, Gavin francis, talks about different parts of the body, he calls it atlas of anatomy. We have a life time’s association with our bodies but for many of us they remain unchartered territory. He offers new perspectives on everything from the ribbed surface of the brain to the unique engineering of the foot. We can taste what’s in our mouths, touch what’s within our reach, smell within hundreds of meters and hear within tens of miles and its only though our vision that we are in communication with the sun and stars. He describes a lot of development and progress in the treatment of cataract, glucorma, retina dislocation from crude to sophisticated and the reactions of people who got their vision back.
“Marvelous, incredible, lovely, the newness of everything, the quality of ‘firstness’ that has been bestowed on the world as if all its surfaces has been dewed with light….and so on
Lots of big names, visually impaired, have reached great heights in their lives, with service to mankind, in literature, music, art, sports, in fact in every field. These names makes me feel mentally challenged looking for excuses.
The best gift I can leave behind for someone, when I am gone, is my eyes and that is my intent

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Remembered an incident, when a colleague walked into my boss’s room and told him, he is late since he wanted to get his eyes checked up  and its 6/6. The boss said i still do not understand these scores and mine I thinks 6/something when the colleague started explaining.. blah blah, when the boss interrupted and said nothing is wrong with my eyes, When asked how, he said, I can see through all your tricks.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful eyes”

  1. You have taken up a very important subject Rajan…

    Yes its true n unfortunate we often neglect to “see” the importance of our Eyes…

    Yes I agree we have to take care of our Eyes especially as an after-life Gift…

    A very valuable subject…

  2. Well.. I went through an eye operation that really knocked some sense into me. Eyes are something you have to take care everyday..
    Thank you!

  3. Great article.
    I was recently reading an article in the Reader’s Digest on our vision and other senses!
    Incidentally, we are planning to see the eye specialist for my wife this afternoon. I had a visit about a month ago, got new prescription glasses and all that.

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