Villain at large


I dialed a number to call a friend and got into a cross connection.  About to disconnect, a familiar voice, I thought and I heard

“He told me that Godess appeared before him and told about a tragic incident that was to take place in my family”.

“ which devi”

I did not understand the name, it was a whisper.

I could not disconnect or rather I did not. To hell with  manners.

“You must not become emotional. Your daughter in law and grandchildren will meet with an accident and die. Your son will follow them because of his past karma.  Your wife will also die of shock. You will be left alone for the rest of your life. I am able to see ice box after ice box leaving your house. This will happen very soon.”

“He runs a Trust and is involved in a yeoman service of  feeding the poor. I have been a long term donor of this Trust. This year we had donated Rs.75 thousand. “

“O my God”, the listener at the other end responded.
“On Sunday  evening, he called me for a  private talk. He showed me donation cheques by a prominent industrialist  The donor had given Rs 50 lakhs. He showed the receipts issued by the Trust for donations received. He also showed me acknowledgement receipts for filing IT returns of the Trust.He showed me the citation of his recognition on a worldwide platform. “

The other guy on the line asked “who was the industrialist”

He did not answer that and continued

“I was shocked, stunned and kept silent. And then he himself  volunteered  a solution to save me from the would be  tragedy”

“You must gift 51 sovereigns of mangalsutras for 51 poor brides. The donor should not know the donee, and the donee should not know the donor. I have already identified the 51 potential brides.  I am like a son to you. I shall take care of making of the mangalsutras and the distribution at the marriage ceremony.  It is Goddess’s advise to me”“
“Then he went downstairs and brought gold pieces in a pouch and gave it to me.”

“We both prayed before Goddess Lakshmi  picture, in his office room. He prostrated before me and received the pouch containing the gold. He told me that he will arrange to make the mangalsutras tomorrow itself. All I need to do is to pay him Rs.8 lakhs in cash. When I said that managing cash is difficult, he gave me his father’s  ICICI Bank, details and requested me to issue cheque favoring the account.”

“I asked him is it possible to overcome  what has already been determined by fate and karma. He said,”that is why Goddess  has requested me to intervene and help  you.”
“I told him that he can collect the cheque the next day evening. He agreed. The whole transaction was to be kept secret from my family members, he suggested.”
“The next day  he rang me up and said that time is running out . Every moment was precious, else I shall soon be in grief. I requested him to give me some more time to think about the matter. Then he said that he had to make payment to his contractors for the building which he is raising to house the destitute. The money he had spent on the gold, on my behalf, was Trust money, and it had to be reimbursed. I requested time till Friday.
He rang me up on Wednesday and asked me for the payment.”

“I told him that we will face karma and fate as predestined, I cannot pay”

“Great, you did not pay, lets expose him” finally a response from the other side.

“No….” and the line got disconnected.

It took me sometime to recover. It was not a dream. Who were these people  I ear dropped  into ? . Who is the celebrity devil, wearing the good Samaritan mask ? .

Looks like the guy did not pay for whatever reason, either he did not have money or he saw through his tricks. There is nothing we can do about it except a learning for the gullible.  However,  the villain is at large

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One thought on “Villain at large”

  1. I am certain I will also be Branded a Villain… Luckily for a different reason…

    Because no one likes me saying that God is the most-easily-marketed commodity, though all tend to agree that God-related-fears form the most exploited fraternity…

    The inimitable Playwright/ Journalist CHO (Ramaswamy) used to say infamously “”….. as long as you people remain fools, I will be the Winner…..”” (and every politician from every party hated him for saying this so plainly)…

    Why feel scared of such Exploiters, after all WE manufacture them, WE nurture them, and then WE call them Villains…

    They are where they are because WE are where we are…

    So what, WE know them well, now let us learn to know ourselves as well…
    Let us learn to laugh at those persons with Villainous shades, whenever we come across…
    (may be, Rajan, you should have royally laughed aloud to scare off the God-hot-line-guy, when you had the privilege of ear-dropping…..)

    Btw I thoroughly enjoyed reading, as always,,,

    Waiting for your next………

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