YOLO, you only live once

Three and half hours before time at the airport for a domestic flight to Cochin of one hour duration, how come ?

Made it in one hour instead of two ,  no rain, thin traffic.!!!

Kept my bag on an empty seat next to.mine to take out the wallet that went in during the security check, when I heard an angry voice, “move the damn bag out of the bloody seat, you idiot, the seat is for sitting”. I looked up, there was a man, a senior citizen, elder to me, sucked up cheeks, a thin body frame staring down at me through his specs. I immediately moved the bag onto my lap and told him to please sit down. I thought this person needed help.

I waited for him to cool down.

Are you alone ? , I asked

There is my family…, there, he said pointing to his right.

Why aren’t you sitting with them ?.I asked

They don’t like me, he said.

Why, I asked

Because of my behaviour, he said

What’s wrong with your behaviour ? I asked.

My temper, they don’t like it, I am always irritated, agitated , he replied

“Your are short tempered, it stays for a short time and you are not always irritated, You were angry with me, a few minutes ago and now you are talking to me freely, no anger, no irritation. How old are you ?” I tried to soften him up


“Wow, that is lot of experience.”

“Thank you, young man .”  He was pulling my leg, ugh, young man !

“My problem is my.mind, it is weakening. No control. Always, irritated, wants to see some one hurt . Feels like cheating. I have two sons and a daughter and three grand children. I am not feeling anything for them. I don’t want to be near them. I shout at them, they avoid me, they do not want to talk to me. My wife is gone.”

I said, “This happens to many when they cross certain age. The plus  is you are aware of it, not many are lucky and they get hated for their behaviour. Children and many grownups hate elders, some of them find themselves abandoned due to their behaviour.  You are sensible, since you can’t control it you  avoid it by moving out of the scene.”

He said “I am losing my sensitivity, I don’t care who is dead or living. A death news has no effect on me, since I am very close to it. Everyday morning I wake up, I am disappointed, I am still there.  We should go the moment we stop contributing.”

“Our contribution ends only when we go. Do you believe in rebirth ?” I said

Bunkum, he raised his voice. You only live once. There is only one life

You are right, I said ,.YouOnlyLiveOnce, YOLO.

You only live once, he kept repeating and I kept agreeing. I said, thank you.

I saw a smile on his face and the wrinkles gaining space between them. Looks like after a long time he said something and somebody heard him.

“You should start writing about your experience”, I suggested.

My hands are not steady to write.

“Then type slowly or speak and record it, make videos, ask someone to enter it into the computer . “

I set him thinking.

I got up and held his hand and said, I will go and meet your family for a few minutes, you sit here.

I slid my hands into my backpack belts and walked towards the family.

The lady smiled , she had seen me talking to him, that is your father ?, I asked.

My father in law, she said.

She looked enquiringly at me, was he complaining ? No

I know you all love him, please express it, make him see it. She interrupted, protesting, we do.. when I gestured, let me finish, I said

Spend half an hour, at least, in a day and make him the leader. Ask him some questions of his younger days, share an old movie with him, ask him for solutions to some.simple problem (you may nor implement them, at least hear his advise). Ask him to sing or draw or write, show your appreciation, cut his nails, give him a hair cut and small little sweet things like that.

He keeps himself away, we are doing all what you said except movie.she started saying..when she got distracted with the their flight  boarding announcement.

I said, it’s your flight to Mumbai ?

She said yes

Go ahead, he needs a little attention, everything will be fine, I told her and moved away to my gate for boarding, another hour to go, took a seat and watched them go out of my sight.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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6 thoughts on “YOLO, you only live once”

  1. You have finally silenced me Rajan,,, I have nothing to respond here in this case,,, you have said it all,,,

    Some dwelling over the next few days may help me form some reactions,,,

    Anyway I wait for your many many more such interactions,,,

  2. Rajenddra, another blog with lots of saying in it. You can say it is summary of living of many old age parents (he or she). The younger generation does not want to involve you in any discussion. What they think, that is only right/correct. Your saying / views they feel is/are obstruction the way want to lead their life including their children. Totally a different generation. This might be due to now a days they are getting grown up in satellite families where they get pampered for whatever they do right or wrong. Your article has touched me a lot. This is today’s reality and you have to face it or go through it.
    Thank you for sharing it. A lesson to learn from your blog.

  3. Great great 👏👏
    Well written in simple words.. And it’s quite commonly seen issues.. There are lessons to be learned from this. Especially new gens like me. Enjoyed reading it.. Write more and keep inspiring!!

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