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Cognizant has already laid off. Infy, Wipro and TCS will follow.
‘Automation’ disaster is yet to show its massacre. In the next 5 years 60% of the IT workforce will be automated (meaning 60% of the employees will be fired)

But it is high time that Indian youngsters should give up their ‘Information Technology’ orgasms and start to accustom to a new revolution. The IT revolution is almost done. It started withering off with the mass laying off by the corporate giants. India, which has always been a ‘vendor’ nation for the IT requirements of the world loses its grip as the outsourcing has been robbed by the insourcing to newly blossomed sect of European and American engineers. Even the start ups are going to crumble as they have already reached a saturation point. This doesn’t mean we are left jobless. We just haven’t explored an ocean of possibilities and opportunities because the IT gave us a sophisticated dungeon with centralised air conditioning and free cappuccino. We are a nation of engineers and technicians. Till the earth rotates on that imaginary axis, it will always need these guys with tools to engineer and maintain new things. Computers and their evolution are just 2-3 decades old.

Medicine field is becoming more stressful and does not have the returns.
Law is already overcrowded.

There is a whole planet outside your IT corridors. Come build things on it.

There are a whole new list of unexplored needs of this planet and its survival. I will list a few rarely touched fields but there are thousands more. Concentrate on them. Especially, the students, who have just completed their school education and waiting for their college admissions in India must look out for these options and set their career towards them. I can vouch for these fields because the coming years will need a lot of human resource to tackle the needs of these fields. Be smart, be vigilant, train yourselves and embrace the future opportunities.

– Climatic analysis and management
– Ocean studies
– Geology and disaster management
– Water reservoirs planning and creation, Flood & Drought management
– Meteorological studies
– Aquatic life studies
– Material studies and management
– Fuel, power and energy management
– Textile studies and management
– Linguistics (Language expertise) & translations
– Marketing Management in unexplored sectors like politics, science, films & social media
– International law and political studies
– Psychology and Psychoanalysis
– Artistry, Digital art and designing
– Teaching
– Educational studies and management
– Analytical studies in all fields
– Astronomy and other studies of Space technology
– Waste management and recycling studies
– Survival studies
– Demography & Culture studies
– History and archaeological studies
– Film Production and associated expertise
– Fashion engineering
– Nutrition and Healthcare management
– Cyber security
– Travel management and writing
– Mapping and related studies
– Martial arts and techniques for defence fields
– Sports studies (for both players and referee/umpiring) and training
– Content creation and analysis
– Genetics and Genomics
– Bio engineering
And a lot more.

Keep an eye. Share this and thereby spread the word to someone you know. Make people around you understand. Help them to choose their best possible field and never worry about being jobless in the future.

P.S. These not so vibrant but variant fields are least likely to get affected by any recession too.

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9 thoughts on “Chuck IT”

  1. Raj Sir…Thanks for giving such varied avenues for the upcoming graduates and adults who are at times in a state of flux and uncertainty… Very much needed to diversify our thinking.

  2. Nice blog.
    A major component shaping the job market is the Government Policies and again nowadays the markets being global the Govt Policies are also driven by International Economic drivers.

    Though current Indian Govt has made attempts to easing of doing business and opened up markets to global however we have not seen any major changes on the ground. The reason is the international economy is not seeing a right growth. Further the debt is on the rise and productivity is falling. This is putting tremendous pressure. There is no easy money for long term investments. If there is no major change happening internationally then the global economy is going to shrink and that will have a very bad cascading effects. The developing nations will equally feel the pinch though a bit lower than the developed economies and that could lead to a global war.

    1. Thanks Milind for your insight. The evironment is challenging, influenced by the global economy, as you say. The IT sector was attractive monetorywise and so was the rush, understandably creating an inbalance in the society. People in the mid management in the IT sector will have to be innovative to survive.

  3. As always very enlightening,,,

    I believe every obsession has its decline n so this (Engg-IT) is just another one that had to happen,,,

    If we didn’t see it happening, in time, again it’s no surprise,,,

    I see it as a good development, after all everything else you mentioned were choking n sure you can see some colours there,,,

    Some have seen this, my friend’s daughter has just completed “Construction Management” n just moved to Dubai n the son is doing “Sports Management”,,, what is unbelievable n interesting to note here is that they are living in BLR,,, n the IT-plague never touched them,,,

    From your list few disciplines like Survival, Fashion-Engineering, are fascinating,,,

    Next time when we meet I will prefer to hear more from you,,,

    Keep it up,,,

  4. Thank you for this inspiration story for the new generation. In my opinion points to add…. 1.. you have not mentioned anything on banking services which recruits more than 1 lacs youths every year. 60 per cent of the present banking industry will retire within 2-3 years. So, there is a big job opportunity in this field. A plain graduate with a good preparation can join banking services. 2… You have mentioned that law is over crowed. But the trend has changed for the last couple of years. Highly successful students opt for law now a days. A law graduate can nvr be unemployed. If he works as a supporting staff too, he can earn some money. 3… General Science field for exam physics. No good students opt for this field, and there is a lot of research work/ project here… 4… A new branch of Study Woman’s Studies… 5… most important… that is civil service and govt jobs… though it is limited still students can prepare for these… 6… entrepreneurship. Let me think more.

    Ansuman Tripati

  5. IT has reduced manpower requirement and dependence in every field. Plants and factories can be run by less number of people due to sophisticated automation and control technology, banks need less manpower due to ATMs, net banking etc. There are examples in every field and software industry itself is not an exception. Tools and automation can do the job of software development testing perhaps in a more reliable way.
    At the same time the number of job avenues has also increased these days as listed by you. Some of these were not thinkable earlier. This is an age of entrepreneurship. There are less govt or public sector jobs or long term jobs.
    Another observation is that there is a downturn in I dustry every 8 years. It happened in 2000, 2008 and now 20016-17. Situation may recover in couple of years you never know!

    1. You are right sir about the cycle, every 8 years. What is required is upskilling to meet the needs. People needs to upgrade themselves to meet the situation else change over to the other skill set, if they have.

  6. Spoken like Oracle. It is as if the (IT) community is in crisis and Rajendra the modern Abraham went up the hill and fetched the modern commandment which turned out to be a list of other vocations that the IT junkies could explore for staying employed in a world about to be wrecked by AI and robots.

    Raj Menon, you are fully qualified to be a mentor to many. May those many have the brains to come to you for your advice and guidance.

    One question: how are the current IT major HR departments answering questions related to future of Indian IT by their employees?

    As the Johny Walker ads say, keep writing.

    1. There is panic with the news in print about down sizing, retrenchment, pink, slip call it by any name, net net your job is going. There was money in the IT sector that had everybody rushing in. Some of their class mates who were in the manufacturing field (mech or elec engineer), were drawing less salary in comparison. It had created an in balance in the society. Few years ago I had a post for senior citizens on what all occupation they can take up. I was thinking on similar lines when I got this forward and it made my job simple. Your question about how HR is answering questions, they never had an answer in the past when ever people were asked to leave nor do they have now. If you look at the percentage of the total employees of the company in the exit list, it may be same as the previous years. It looks scary in numbers and its in the media. I remember telling friends, in the era of automation, if you are not innovative, you will be replaced. Cannot remember whose quote it was.

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