The tooth story

While brushing my teeth, I realised, the brush went through a new pothole. Oh ya, yesterday night, a shaking tooth, finally took leave and I gave it a decent burial in the garden.

This is not the first one to leave, some of them had left a few years ago.

This one made me conscious, wondering how it would affect my chewing and eating. It was one at right upper corner. Will people ask me why is my left cheek swollen when actually the right one has dipped ? Well, nothing of the sort happened, no body noticed until I and my big mouth announced it.

Please hang around, I have something important to tell about your teeth and the good and the bad about it. Before that some more about mine.

When I was just a lad of fifteen, I kept wickets in a cricket game played on a ploughed field. A cricket ball that was rolling harmlessly rose and hit my mouth.

My front tooth shook and held on. After a few years, until one day in a party, I was eating halwa ( a soft sweet) and my tooth came off. My friends, there ,  sympathised with me when a girl asked me what were you eating. I said halwa. ” “Halwa” she screamed and started laughing, turning around said ” I have heard of people losing teeth while chewing a bone, but halwa is too much”. All those sympathisers  joined the laughter.

The loss of teeth did not hurt me as much as the halwa taking  credit for it.

I was thinking of the population of 7 billion plus on earth multiplied by 32 number of teeth, not the exact figure, you can minus the plus and not counting  other species. If all of them get knocked down at the same time, we all may not have room to stand, but on them.

Is there a pain worse than a tooth ache, I have no experience of labour pain. It is during the attack, we regret for not taking enough care. Somehow lets get rid of the pain at hand and shall take a counselling from the dentist all about dental care is the thought during the suffering. Once the pain goes, goes the resolution with it.

Give a thought to your teeth, what a yeomen service it does. It helps you to chew, make it juicy and reduce the load on your liver. Life depends on the liver, pun intended.

A lovely set of teeth does a great personalitisation job, I know you are hearing that for the first time, enhances your looks, charm, smile and laughter.

A few missing teeth can turn your words into a whistle while talking

There was a neighbour and his family, years ago, who made brushing their teeth in the morning a  public performance, they would be moving around the house in different directions, into their garden, stop at the gate, talk to people walking on the road,while on the act. I could not take it. I could not understand their motive whether  modelling for a tooth paste or making others know that the entire family brush their teeth.  With so much care, it is likely  they have a new set of teeth for the third time and strong forearms with flexible wrists

I came across Alok Misra’s agony in facebook -The only pain that is physical and mental is dental.

Heard of root canal, sweet and wisdom tooth, sweet is craving for sweets and wisdom is, well the name is no consolation when it pains.

Any way, few gets to wear a crown on their heads, however most of us end up with one on the tooth.

I remember my friend Hariharan telling us in a gathering about how unhealthy teeth can lead to Alzheimer.

A recent headline of an article in telegraph science section says End of fillings in sight as scientists find Alzheimer’s drug makes teeth grow back

You may be gym pahalwan or a six pack, dont forget your teeth.

Take care of them, brush twice a day with flossing after food and have dental check up whenever you feel like (filling your cavity, fills the doctors pockety). This layman’s advise is for the new generation, too late for the old

If you neglect your teeth, you are definite to lose the tooth for a tooth, nail for a nail contest.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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8 thoughts on “The tooth story”

  1. Thanks God you did not mention “JADI-BOOTI” in the blog, otherwise it would have been taken as an ”sponsored article ‘ for Baba Ramdev’s “Dant -Kranti”…. the “all-in-one ” remedy for Tootth problems….( that’s on the lighter side.)
    Very Well written, Menon, congrats.

    1. Thanks. Kannan said, it sounded like an ad for dentists :-). I added a sentence where filling your cavity will doctors pockety. That warning should free me of any hidden agenda

  2. Raj, trust you to take up a topic as mundane as a tooth and make a piece out of it that is not highly readable but full of life lessons, I neglected my teeth badly and am paying for the neglect. I had an accident near Bengaluru 40 years ago which was rewarded by a denture which is the only part of my ‘battishi’ which is clean, good and of great service. It was born as 2-tooth bridge but got a third companion 3 years ago. I console myself that even if you do not smoke or abuse your body, cancer may yet gottcha you. So it is with teeth. Flossing them twice a day (and not developing biceps) can still cause you to get an early dentures with multiple dentist payments prior to them. So, why bother?

    What one should pray for (if one does and along with multiple candidates for inclusion in the prayer) is a dentist with light hand. I am blessed in that department. My monster level fear of getting anything done to my tooth has all been eliminated when I began to go to my current dentist who happens to be my wife’s cousin’s husband and a good friend now.

    1. I am scared of doctors, specially dentist, I have not been to any since ages, however we never know next time

  3. Regular brushing of teeth and swishing your mouth whenever you eat or drink keeps the teeth healthy and your breath, fresh. I lost my first tooth at the age of 80, that too due to not visiting the doctor on time when pain started in a transient manner in the lower wisdom tooth.

  4. Had some good laughs,,, not smiles,,, (i don’t have that many to show off),,,

    All those fibres that my Sweety (pet name for my Diabetes) wants me to take somehow remind me every day that i should have given attention to this “Tootsie” long long ago,,,


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