Healthcare kiosk

I visited an office and saw a machine in a corner. Ya, this is a healthcare kiosk, the officer told me, seeing me watching it closely. He continued, this machine have sensors, software to help conduct blood and urine tests. You can test for blood sugar, ECG, SPO2, and many other tests. Blood count, malaria detection, TB detection
What is SPO2 ?
Something to do with oxygen level measurement, not sure.
Whats the advantage of having this machine here ?
Our employees can take any of the test without going out of the office. They can have a need based or a regular monthly check up.
They can send the results and interact with the doctor  at a remote plac from the office.
Company saves on medical expenses for the employees . Loss of productivity hours reduced.
We can have our medical history stored and print outs can help us to meet any other doctor.
Many. Many more.
How much does it cost ?
I don’t know.
Will it be 10 lakhs ?
Not sure, may be less than that. Even if it is around that its benefits are huge and the cost is recoverable in no time.
Thank you. I have to go.
I think its brilliant. You can have it in the Malls, primary health centres, rural areas where access to medical facilities is beyond the reach. With good connectivity this can be a revolution.
Somebody may tell me, its already working here and there, may be and I know its not there where it is needed.
What do you think ? Let me know

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