Special Treatment

Rolling out the red carpet.
Rolling out the red carpet.




I saw this sticker on facebook and commented “I have never allowed myself to feel special and not bothered to check whether I am unwanted “.  That was a month ago.

Now, I think its worth a discussion, since everybody goes through this situation and others will have to, some time in future. Its just a matter of time. It is as certain as death

Very early in my life I realized not to fall for the special treatment. I did not have any personal experience, I saw it happening all around me and I learnt.

You can see this in every walk of life. The treatment is not for YOU.

You walk into a bank and tell them you want to start an account and deposit some money.  The manager along with the entire staff will hover around you carrying you off your feet. Here, let us fill the form for you, you need just sign here , here and here. Thank you, I will fill them. No Sir, you are special. Coffee, tea or something cold ?

The elections are round the corner. It is time to visit the huts, hug the grannies and pull the cheeks of the month old babies, have tea with them, at least pretend a sip. I am your servant, shall take care of all your problems -water, house, road, rice, brinjals, just vote for me.

Its appraisal time, treat the boss time, leave it to me , Sir, you relax, this is a gift for you, got it from Singapore, I felt you are the one who deserves it.

The official, whose signature has power to sanction, remove obstacles or holds an important title  is a VIP and made to feel like one.

When the title gets prefixed with an ex- or retired, the mask falls off and  the reality dawns.

Meanwhile there are people who basks in the glory of being a relative of a VIP and misuses the position as long as the uncle is in power and then a day comes when the power fails. What a fall…

How much the person gives me or his potential to give is what  influences my admiration, respect and behavior  towards someone, neither the giver nor the receiver realizes this. They all get carried away by the moment.

Don’t get carried away, think why , is it me or my position because the dump, later can be very hurtful.

I remember an Ad where Yuvaraj Singh says as long as your bat talks, you are there. It shows it’s the cricketer and not Yuvi that is special. I forget the product, get the message.

The other day, I visited my Aunt, a renowned professor,  whose house is located in a very envious location in  town and asked her you must be having lots of visitors stopping by ? As a matter of fact she replied causally, oh ya, lots of them…not these days,not after my retirement.

A guy orders for tea and pays a large tip on his way out. The next time when he comes with his friend for lunch to the restaurant, he gets a huge welcome and the waiters  vied with each other to serve him. After  the lunch he drops a coin as tip to the shock of the waiters. Sir , last time…

Yes, last time I tipped for this time and this time it is for  last time.


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2 thoughts on “Special Treatment”

  1. I would like to share my view on special treatment.

    How one treats another depends on the type of relationship that exists between them. Special treatment is one that is intentionally or unintentionally given by one to the other.

    It is given intentionally when there is an expectation to get something from other. It may be business reason as stated. One example is between a marketing person and customer. All of us know and experienced it. If one did not know the reason, might regret later when the same treatment is not rendered in the changed situation.

    There are situations and persons who unintentionally give special treatments to others with out any expectation. Example: friends, husband and wife, parent and children, strangers. You might have got up very early morning to receive your friend at railway station with out the help of an alarm clock. Though your friend can afford to hire a taxi and reach your home, you give a special treatment just because you enjoy doing that.

    You keep awake whole night for days till your baby gets alright and recovers from illness. The special treatment is meted out naturally. You have no expectation from the baby at that time. It simply springs out of you.

    A decade back, at Chennai, I took my daughter on a motor-cycle to Guindy to apply for a study. After I completed my formality, I kicked the pedal of my motor-cycle to start the engine. It did not start. I neither had the tool set nor the spare spark plug. I simply did not know what to do. Suddenly, I saw an auto-riksha coming close to me. He inquired about the problem. Then, took his tool kit, removed the defective plug and replaced with one that he had as a spare. He kicked the pedal and the engine started. He said well you can now go sir. I said you need the spare plug more than me. He said he will get it. I then said please take this money to buy a new one. He strongly refused and smilingly proceeded as he got a customer. The auto-rikshawala gave me the special treatment spontaneously and without any expectation though we were strangers to each other.

    In short, Nishkam Karma is superior to Sakam Karma that brings either happiness and grief.


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