Rajendra Menon

President and Head – APAC

Qutesys, a software testing company

, Bangalore, India
| HP1: +91-9880932483

Email: rajendra.menon@qutesys.com

Blog: rajmenon.wordpress.com

Web: www.qutesys.com | www.webworldexpress.com

Information Technology | Telecom | ITES | Aerospace | Government | Automotive | Retail | Banking & Finance | Manufacturing | Production | Education | Energy | Healthcare | Media & Publishing | Logistics & Transportation

India Singapore

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Menon Sir,

    This is the first time I stepped into this blog site, thought I will read only one blog, started reading one, then another , then another one. It is truly inspiring at the same time thought provoking -waking up oneself.


  2. Dear Sir,
    Nice to be with you, ofcourse after a long gap, the thrust for knowledge and company of good people drives everybody in the right direction. Hope to meet you sometime sir. Cheers. Ramachandra

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