See ya soon

I am 73 on 7th day 3rd month yr 23, I was 23 in the year 73 and 73 in the year 23.Just pranking, an ice breaker statement. Last couple of years, I have been posting some nonsense for many on my birthday, it’s become a habit.

Every year, I take inventory of my beliefs and change of mind. You can ask me how ? You see the inconsistency.My likes and dislikes keep changing, you have heard that clich . change is the only constant.When someone dies, I used to cry for them, these days I bid farewell with a silent message, “see ya soon”.

I am also dressed up , ready and nowhere to go . I have become less judgemental and more withdrawn, do not mistake it for depression. I will never be because I have many entertaining thoughts to keep me happy. I am accepting the world as it is with all the evil-good, love-hate, crime-punishment and other dualities to coexist. It has been like that and it will be like that. Wars will continue to be there. Utopian world will be wishful thinking and in poetries. Every belief in society will be a business opportunity, GOD, religion, ego, war, all. Wars are fought for peace.

Competitons will continue among countries. The superpowers will keep changing, a few years from now the east or south east will dominate the west. All is fair in poltics and war, which we ordinary mortals at the ground level will never be able to digest.

The advances of technology is providing a lot of conveniences and is enabling a lot of comfort at the expense of destruction of nature and global warming.

I just heard a song forwarded by a friend. Loved it, then heard it the second time, focused more on the lyrics., which says life is punishment, divided it into so many parts that I was left with nothing or some such thing. Sorry,  it sounds negative, life is a punishment. With such thoughts, you make your life miserable. But this song is becoming viral because every sad sack on earth will use it to justify his position instead of working to come out of his misery. The singer has created an opportunity for himself to become popular and may be to earn.

All sorrows are in our thoughts. Change your thoughts change your life.
One thing I am focused today is to take care of my health. Though it is in my thoughts, I often cheat  with my lineancy on Donts.
I was reading a piece by Sri Sri Ravishankar and the gist of what he says is your lifelong companion is not any body like parents or children or your friends who you think will be permanently with you, it is your body that will be with you till the end of your life, take care of it.

Most of us live a programmed life, with full of fears and insecurity. We think nothing else can be done. I saw an of baby elephant tied to a pole with a thin rope, through out its life it lives with the belief it cannot break it when with a small tug it can free itself at a later stage.

While writing this, I saw a beautiful picture in linkedin forwarded by my friend Elango. You can keep looking at it and. Here it is

The gate is closed, how do we go ahead

As a celebration of my birthday, we went out, for a change, we had pani puri and Vandana pav instead of birthday cake. That’s the change I wanted , different from the regular. Well…when I thought it was over, at home my family brought out a cake and made me cut it..

At the beginning of the post I had no idea what will I be talking about. I will not be reading it again to see how much rubbish is there.

8th of March is Internatoonal Women’s day and Lakshmi Menon’s birthday. Happy birthday and congratulations for the Vanitharatna award, from the government, a recognition for your noble deeds

Lakshmi Menon

Thank you all for the wishes, until next time

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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9 thoughts on “See ya soon”

  1. Great read! And, Happy Birthday!!
    So, Lakshmi’s Birthday & Women’s Day the same . . . how fitting.
    Thanks for keeping us apprised of her amazing accomplishments.

  2. Excellent thoughts. Dualities will exist, we should always remember. Belated birthday wishes and fresh wishes to Mrs. Lakshmi Menon on her birthday and Women’s day.

  3. While we say age is just a number, it is a number with significance. Every decade I see my thoughts, outlook, tolerance changing for better. You are like one good package wisdom with humor and zest to share, most others I have seen get more introverted as they age. You are a role model for how its done… life is meant to pass….. pass with awareness, you are all about that. Nice one and belated birthday Menon!

  4. Dear Manon sir. wishing you many happy returns of the Day !!!! sorry for belated wishes. you and your thoughts are always inspiring sir. new thinking, looking for a change of habits, routines, new ways, new ideas, new friends, new place… everything is exiting. This very adjustable nature itself keeps us happy and lively. Be happy and healthy always sir… Namaste…

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