To be continued..

“I do not mind not being respected, what I cannot take is disrespect. “
I asked him “ What happened ?”
“Today, I am a retired person and nobody cares for me” he said , “my son hardly talks to me, not only that he has stopped caring for me, he doesn’t give me money”.
“Where is your money ?”
“ I spent everything on him”
“What for ?”
“ For his education, his marriage and the house I built for him”.
“That’s bad and he still does not care for you”.
“Does he have a job, is he earning ? “
“Yes, he is part of the senior management team of a reputed company”
“Which company ? “
“I don’t remember the company name “.
He continued, “ By the way, do you have such a problem ?”
“No, I don’t have such problem because I don’t look for it, so I don’t see it” I said and laughed and checked myself. Here is a guy with a serious problem and I am laughing. I liked, let me be humble, my statement.

To be continued……

Note : I am taking a pause, shall get back with the rest of the story. Meanwhile, my request, friends, can you complete this story for me from your experience and add it in the comment section..

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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4 thoughts on “To be continued..”

  1. Disrespect allows you to check yourself. Respect allow you build confidence without additional knowledge. Disrespect is necessary for your mental growth. I have such experience with me. I have learned a lot from disrespect. This is not a story may be still i wanted to comment.🙂

  2. Thanks for asking us to complete the story 🙂 Here are few sentences from my side… 🙂

    “Why are you laughing? is it funny?”
    “Not really, sorry, but…”
    “But…. what do you mean?”
    “I guess I was prepared for any kind of situation. I don’t think I poured all my money on my children building their house, spending big on their marriage etc. expecting them to take care of me later. I was probably aware that there could be a situation where I couldn’t be too dependent on them and my expectation for care and respect was minimum. It is a bonus if we get it and we are more blessed if that happens. So there is no disappointment when there is no expectation! Respect and care comes based on our mutual relationship and love, isn’t it?”
    “Hmm. It is easier said than experienced.”
    “Yes, I don’t think I will experience it.”

  3. Menon sir.

    I feel this is the same situation every parent is going thru now. we spend all our earnings and savings for their well being, fulfil all their needs and desires, aspirations, dreams leaving behind our own requirements.
    But at the end of the day, i feel parents should not expect anything back from them, particularly money, otherwise the children feel that we did all that with a purpose.
    may be we should try to convince them or bring it to their notice the constraints we have or the difficulty we may face in future by shelling out a big amount by way of loan ,etc, so that they are aware of our situation and come up to voluntarily help.
    right from the childhood days we must inculcate the habits of respecting elders and other such basic qualities simply by demonstrating it ourselves. The key word is … be self sufficient / efficient and don’t expect and depend on children for your welfare.

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