On my way to THERE

“I am going to Dubai, next week, “ I told my friend, when he called
“what for”, he asked
“what do you mean, what for,” I asked, “can’t I go”, I joked
“No yaar, I mean, vacation, business, site seeing…”

I interrupted, “my second daughter is expecting her first child ..”
“Congratulations, what yaar, every year you seem to be on delivery service, only the other day I read your blog on your adventurous service in himachal, how many grand children do you have “
“ This is the third, 2 from the elder and one from the younger one” I replied, “ you are making it sound as if I am on some mission population “.
“ha ha ha, you are far behind, I have six grandos from my 2 children” he said, tongue in cheek.
“Wah and I thought you are blaming me for adding to the overpopulation “, I said

I asked him “what about you, any travel plans”.
“Of course, this year we are thinking of going to Egypt “ he said.
“ That sounds great, where did you go last year”, I asked
“ Last year we thought of going to Paris , ha, ha, every year we think of going to a different place and don’t go, it works out cheap “, he said and laughed.

“ You know, what, there was a guy who told his friend to allow him to kiss his beautiful wife and he will pay him 1000 dollars. The friend got annoyed and walked away. He went home and told his wife, what his shameless friend told him.

After an angry discussion, they cooled down and wife told him, come to think of it, it’s not very serious stuff, after all we can make a thousand bucks with a small harmless kiss. He called his friend about the deal, he turned up and kept looking at the lady with no action. The husband taunted him, what happened, no guts ?. No money, the friend replied.”
After a good laugh, I said, the moral of the story is like your travel plan, a lot of people have great ideas, nothing in this world is cheaper than a good idea with no action.

“Is it your experience ?” he wanted to know.
It does not matter like the Mahabharatha or Ramayan, don’t go searching whether it has happened or not, take the messages if you want or leave it. Life is short, past is all images, you can do nothing about it, you can take some learnings, have fun, I said.
He said, “ life is short, do you know it is the longest thing you have”
“Errr… that’s a good one,” I kept analyzing and concluded that is the truth, what can be longer than my life for me.

He wanted to know what are my daily activities. What do I do with my time ?.
I told him, I am into an adventure sport called stock market.
Too much of money, is it ?, he asked. You can enjoy, if you love to lose.
“Well, I love to lose because somebody will be winning “ I said.
“Cut out the crap, I have lost 5 lakhs and I am out of it, it’s a gamble, how many times have you won in tambola, housie “ he asked.

“Well, all these years, I had kept out of it, thinking it is a gamble “. “ Now I think it is a game of probability”, I said.
And then there are different types of trading in stock market and I am focusing on a single type called intraday.

“Thats the one, no beginner should attempt “, he said.
“Let me tell you, about my approach, I am spending a lot of time studying the various strategies”.
This requires a lot of discipline, this is not gambling, you should not be greedy, you can practice with a small amount of Rs 5 to 10,000, there is risk management, money management and emotion management, key factors to handle your project.

You can control your losses. There is something called stoploss. You buy a stock, put a stop loss of 1% and a profit of 1 to 2 %. That means if you lose, maximum you lose is 1 %, if your capital is 5000, you lose maximum Rs 50 and if you gain, you will make Rs 50 to 100. If you lose 3 days and hit the target 2 days in a week, you re still in plus. This is just an outline, there is much more to it. The challenges are greed, overconfidence, temptation.
I want to make it a spiritual experience, no gain, no loss, attachedly detached.”.

“OK, boss, teach us, once you are THERE “, my friend signed off.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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  1. Wonderful story in the form of a conversation about literally nothing. Those are the best kind. Keep blogging, buddy.

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