Original cracks of Sidhartha

Today, this brat is 8 years. Since age 3, he has given us many wise cracks along the years.

SID with his aunt, Suma

Some are answers to questions and others are his comments

What do you do with your feet
SID- Make foot prints.


Your friend has longhair !
SID-You can know which way the wind is flowing

Wind direction

While travelling in a train he wanted to know, Why do these windows have bars like a jail.

Bars like jail

At the airport , “Why is the ceiling talking”.

The talking ceiling

SID -“write me a note to bring back my hat from class, put it in my lunchbox, i’ll show teacher and she will read it to me, then i’ll know what it says and will remember to bring hat back from class”. That was cute n sincere.

With granny Indu

I asked sidi last night about our trip to neel house 2 weeks ago, this was his reply: Neel told me why i was there. coz he had no more papa. he was not much sad. i was only medium sad. i saw daadi cry.

With cousin Neil and Thara

I was playing the violin, when he asked his mother ” why is he scratching that”.

A song starts playing, Chitra ask sidi: guess who’s singing this?
SID without a pause: michael jackson
“but how do u know, vocals not even started ?”.
SID: when you ask me who’s the singer, its always, him.

He is playing a video game and shooting down the bad guys, when chitra tells him you should not shoot bad guys, they should be taken to jail and made good. Siddhartha wants to know then why do the police carry guns ?

What is palindrome
SID – It goes forward and back word and flies (drones)


-can u send me soda in my lunchbox?
-but do u like soda?
-yeah today my friend got soda, he opened the can, it splatted on me n i licked it n liked it.

He sees a picture of 911 at a military exhibition, tower on fire, he comments, there is a building on fire and a plane is coming to rescue.

Rescue plane
Grand parents, Malis and Gopalakrishnans
Mamma Chitra and Papa Prashanth

He asks his mother, Why are you the boss of everything ? And not Papa

He was drumming the table with two wooden sticks and a stick broke. His comment “every stick needs a break”.

Do you think you have eaten too much? His reply, what does that mean.

Iron box heats up your clothes.

Ironing board is a surf board with feet where you dump your clothe

Looking at Rajeesh’s moustache, I like your brush

Some of the questions he is looking for an answer,
“Does the universe have an end? “
“What does the other side of the universe look like?”
“ Can u pee out of your butt?”

Speaking of sisters, he lets out a couple of farts and says: “ooh those brother-farts! or were they sisters? i’m gonna think”


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