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A biography of their father Shri M.K. Nambyar , titled ” CHAMPION Of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS”, co-authored by four siblings, one among them is our respected Sir, Shri K.C. Mohan, who needs no introduction. When great children decides to write about their father, he must be greater.

Shri Mohan 94 strong and active

“I sit in the frail bark of my body and steer with all my might,” wrote Shri M.K. Nambyar in one of his later day reminiscences on the life of a lawyer,” But I find I am neither the master of my vessel nor the captain of its decisive direction. For the momentum of its movements has often been gathered from the impact of the unknown.” That is humbleness and humility of a towering giant of constitutional law.

Hear what other stalwarts has to say about Shri Nambyar :
Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer said : “he was committed. There was a commitment about him in the garb of fundamental rights. He fought the case ( AK Gopalan’s) not for for the ideology of the communists but for the ideology of human rights which found expression in part III of the constitution. He lost the battle but won the war after cooper’s case, in a series of decisions which settled the direction of India’s constitutional destiny, M.K. Nambyar played a heroic role…..l am totally lost in admiration for his complete commitment to the human cause, ‘Man is born in chains, shall be free and to the last of my breath I will fight for his freedom’…..a man who was maker a maker of modern law in India”.

Former attorney General for India, Soli J. Sorabji: “ is indeed incredible that a lawyer practicing in a district Court in Mangalore would ultimately occupy centre stage in the Supreme Court and make an invaluable contribution to the evolution and development of our constitutional law. “

He was born on 1 January, 1898. After his demise on 18 December 1975, the then Attorney General, Niren De said : “As a man, Nambyar was the embodiment of modesty, humility, kindliness and courtsey in all aspects of his life. He had a passionate concern for the junior bar and his encouragement of junior lawyers was proverbial”. He further added, ” Nambyar was one of the greatest lawyers India has produced in the past and who are no more…”

The above quotes sums up his character and professional accomplishment, while his family life achievements are equally splendid with his children, well qualified, reaching high places in their life. The Nair family of his time were landlords, did not believe in entering professional life or government services, the book makes an interesting read about how he freed himself out of the system and became a barrister.

Shri K.C. Mohan – We are looking forward to read about your life journey, which will be equally or more, fascinating.

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  1. I remember Rajan Menon. He worked in Mecon Bangalore. He worked in Electrical section.
    After some time he moved to Systems section.
    I remember his smiling face. I was told he is a good off spinner, when he played cricket in Rourkela.

    1. Thank you Sastry Gaaru for remembering me. We were in the Kudremukh office in MG Road and had spent a lot of time in discussions. I even remember, when you came to nrupathunga office on your scooter and by mistake took back somebody else’s scooter 🙂

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