Lakshmi, full of giving

Conversation with Lakshmi Menon at different times.

We meet frequently, talk and it is fun. She has learned from whatever I have not done, where I am learning from whatever she is doing. I am one among the many, she discusses her projects with and asks will it work ? A Godess asking me whether what she does will work? High sense of humor.

She finds happiness in everything she does,
She is a doer, she believes in being part of a solution. She is a big lesson on awareness, compassion, lateral thinking, recycling, upcycling, blossomed lotus in muddy water, safe and fast driver, a collector of speeding tickets on the highway.

She feels blessed to have been born to emulatable role model parents and relatives, who helped her to nurture her capabilities and made her a confident personality. She was brought up without any gender bias in the family, that helped.

Besides her various creative and innovative projects, she is lecturing, inspiring and motivating female gender, to free them from their shackles by unconditioning. She wants them to be independent, decisive and confident. Education should be used to serve the society, nation and be economically independant and not be a slave to her husband and in laws. The guys should be on same footing with the gals and share the responsibilities equally.

Marriage should be one more incident in life, not a wealth flaunting celebration. Dowry system should go like Sati ( where the wife had to jump into the burning fire of cremation of her husband).

The man is in simple clothes while the bride is all decked up in Jewellery and expensive costumes for their wedding, driving many parents into debt traps. She herself had set an example, dressed in simple Kerala costume and a single plain necklace, driving her car to reach her wedding venue, an event with a few relatives and friends. She had to draw lot of flak for leaving out large number of her friends and parent’s from attending, when half of Kerala was in their network. However, they were informed and told about the scale size of the event. She was making her talk, walk. She could afford a lavish ceremony, she set a precedence to keep it simple.

She is the Author of creation of AMMOOMMATHIRI, CHEKUTTY, Rolapena, THE SEED PEN, Shayya, Quilt India Samman etc..

When asked why she does not patent some of her products, she want others to copy and take it forward to make it far reaching and not wanting anything out of it. If at all she patents, it would be to prevent somebody else patenting , stop it’s free flow and discourage volunteers, whereas she would open it to the whole universe.



Paper pens are eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic pens. Rolling paper over refills lead to the name Rolapena.


Chekutty expands to Chendamangalam Kutty or Cherine Athijeevicha Kutty, which translates to the child who outlived mud. the state in which Kerala, emerged from the floods. The weaving community saw all their handloom products, ready for sale for the oncoming onam festival, drowned and damaged in the muddy waters of the flood. The ingenuity of Lakshmi converted all the weavers’ damaged stock and created the now-iconic dolls that went on to become a viral sensation and brought in a lot of relief funding to wipe out the losses, putting their life back on track.

Chekutty dolls

Psychiatrists used the chekutty story of resilience to counsel the people with suicidal tendencies. The dolls became a status symbol and were found swinging in hangers, cars, necklaces, belts, all over.


Wicksdom’ is wicks rolled by people of wisdom, an initiative to make wicks for oil lamps out of cotton yarn. The loving hands behind this initiative belongs to elders in old age poor homes. They find relief in this activity to use their time effectively and also to have an additional source of income. The project brings joy to many women who were earlier deprived of care.   “Most of them were abandoned and orphaned by the relatives. They won’t even have a single paisa with them. Now, many of them are able to meet their small wishes like visiting a friend, going for a funeral, to have a snack etc…” Menon said. A meaningless life found meaning.

‘Wicksdom’ – wicks for oil lamps. (‘Ammoommatthiri’ in malayalam language)

With Amitabh Bachchan, presenting Ammoomathiri


A value added Rolapena is a wonder pen that when pushed into the soil after it has run out of use, grows into a plant, into an agastya tree, well known in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. The seed has been quietly slipped in, at the base of the pen

The seed pen is called – pen with( വിത്ത്‌) love

Quilt India movement

“This is a quilt India movement- a social fabric of collective consciousness to support artisans from various parts of the country stranded with no sustenance in the lockdown’s aftermath.


The lightweight bedroll is made from the scraps of the material used to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gowns.

The bed

Salute to the lady for whom nothing is a waste.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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13 thoughts on “Lakshmi, full of giving”

  1. Excellent write up, Congratulatioons to Lakshmi Menon for her devotion to do such great things. Regards

  2. I am amazed at Lakshmi’s creativity and unbounded enthusiasm .Chekutty doll is something I knowing for the first time.
    Rajendra you and Lakshmi are blessed souls

  3. A person think of environment, preserve the nature, take care of people and so on is a worshiable. We are amused to see the innovative products made by Living Laxmi. Wish her and her team to bring such other environment friendly products which could make her a renowned personality.

  4. Very inspiring, had privileged meeting her during our kerala trip.
    Very noble cause, worth spreading.
    God bless convey our best wishes

  5. I saw Lakshmi’s speech about dowery, really good and I fully agree with her. Hope every ladies think and act like that. Wishing her all the best.

  6. They say that , once in an eon, God creates a being and breaks the mould that was used create the person so that it is not easily replicated.. Lakshmi is one of them.. a mover and shaker for society’s humane progression, aligned with nature and a torchbearer for the have nots , lighting up their lives immensely and making it more meaningful and joyful.. God bless her always and may he give her turbocharged energy to carry on the good work.. moving from strength to strength… God bless!

  7. ‘Lakshmi ‘
    A very big Salute
    Hats off to say
    Proudly she is our loving ,charming
    Lovely girl of our family. Enthusiastic women,kind to everybody .

  8. Absolutely inspiring and worth emulating across generations…The true woman of substance…But then they are not many ..and thatz what make people like lakshmi an icon..Hats off to her

  9. I was very happy to meet Lakshmi during my visit to your house at Kanjiramattom few years back. She is a blessed soul and best of luck for all her ventures.
    Sharing your link with ZeNLP book readers WhatsApp groups and ZeNLP workshop participants

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