I liked Late Shri S.P Balasubrahmanyam’s songs, whenever I heard them. It is only when he passed away and had all the music lovers in tears did I realize that he is a legend. I started reading about him and listening to his recordings, whatever came my way. Lakshmi Menon paid her tribute with one word “SuPerB”, which covers his name SP Balasubrahmanyam. I am posting all I have about him and a few videos, in no particular order and some without title ( for suspense) received from different sources.

Legendary playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, who blurred boundaries of language by recording 40,000 songs in 16 languages in a career spanning five decades, died in a Chennai hospital on Friday. He was 74. The singer was admitted to hospital last month after he contracted Covid-19, tested negative on September 4 but suffered a cardio- respiratory arrest on Friday. He died at 1.04 pm, announced his son SP Charan

His dedication towards Eelam Tamils did not stop there. Just last year, Balasubrahmanyam showed his love once more as he surprised a fan in Malaysia. Mathimaran had been injured in a bomb explosion in Sri Lanka and had since left the island. Having spent months recovering, he was left blind in both eyes. “My whole life was changed,” he commented.

 “It’s fine if I can’t see, as long as I still have my hearing,” said the SPB fan.

As he spoke of his adoration for Balasubrahmanyam’s music and recited one of his favourite melodies, the legendary singer walked in and joined the song for a surprise meeting with his fan.

The pair embraced and sang songs together, with Balasubrahmanyam telling Mathimaran “Nothing gives me more happiness than keeping you happy”.

Explanation for why SPB was buried and not cremated though he’s a Brahmin. There are many asking why a burial. He belonged to a sect of Lingadhari Brahmins who take the Shiva Panchakshari Deeksha. Their tradition is to bury. No Anyesti. Only Khananam. So the family has followed that.

One more aspect behind this is, after donating his ancestral home to kanchi matt, he took vaanaprastha, which means sanyas, while still being in normal life. Because of this, even after his death, his wife will not get widow hood.

That’s why T.V. channels were mentioning, his son’s house, instead of his own house.

Tribute to Sri SP Balasubrahmanyam | SPB Mashup |…:

Changing faces, The growing up
Respect for Yeshudas
Malayalam song

What did SPB do with all the 1000’s of Shawls, that were given to honour him, during all these years..???

This is the time to stay together

Hindi songs

Kannada songs

Tamil songs

Telugu songs

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  1. SPB always lives with us through his songs and Humane life. Met him at Kalyan’s 80th B.D. at chennai. had chance to personally acknowledge his contrbution which now lives beyond his mortal self. Thanks Raj

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