Humanity under test

It is Corona versus humanity. Remove the differences, poltical, religious, racial, national, ideological and be human to deal with the virus.
It’s the time of love without hugs, kisses, to be at a physical distance, mental nearness.

Social distance is difficult, however, possible also washing hands with soap. This is what is in our control.  It’s the fear and panic that is making the situation difficult to handle. Remember, we are picking the virus not vice versa

It is true, no body or even the government, all over the world, was not prepared to deal with it. Science and technology are far behind nature, whether you land on Mars or Jupiter. Accept that, first. Be humble.

Remember, many are getting cured with existing medicines which are generally used for other viruses. Every disease has treatment and the cure is not guaranteed. Majority of them  survive. Age and lack of immunity are some of the weaknesses that are additional challenges we are facing to deal with this enemy.

We are in it together, let us try to be less fearful. This is not the only killer to take our life, it is just that it also can, like thousands of others.

One way to deal mentally with the situation, is to take care of others, financially, materially and spiritually those who are having a downtime due to the current situation. The haves, this is the best time to share with the have nots.
All this will pass, relax and deal with it.
The state governments and the centre are doing their best, the doctors, medical, health staff and volunteers are working beyond their limits. Thank you.

Feel grateful to them and think of ways you can contribute, like taking care of two or more families are in need, until the world is back on its spindle.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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7 thoughts on “Humanity under test”

  1. Keeping clean, eating home cooked fud, staying at home wit family, not polluting ….a virus had to teach us. Let us learn and stay close to our natural beautiful world.

  2. You have reiterated more lucidly. Emphatically. Timely. Very apt. Keep it Raj . Thanks to all who are standing for the cause. We have challenges to confront. But we have a lot of company too. Our bit is what we have to do with out any failure. Thanks Raj very muchj

  3. It takes a virus to remind us that humanity is above religion and politics.
    It takes a virus to remind us that nature is more powerful than human.
    It takes a virus to unit human. And it takes religion, politics, govt and countries to divide human.

    It’s time for human to introspect how they should live their life in future.

  4. We know that the problem has come all of sudden and the World was not ready to deal with it.
    Our prime Minister Modi Ji and his complete Team is doing the wonderful job in the situation when the
    whole World is reeling under this common crises by coming on the TV and explaining the simple practices to protect ourselves to keep us safe & healthy and boosting our Morales & confidence while extending the financial, medical, communication, food, etc facilities. Modi ji has also taken extraordinary steps to evacuate the Indians held up in other Countries
    Our lot of thanks &warm regards to him & his Team.
    Narendra Gupta

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