My cousin brought my wrist watch, after repair. Since I was already wearing a watch, I tied the other one also on my wrist. When I displayed my wrist with two watches and told Lakshmi, “watchman”. She laughed and said ” Chowkidar ?”.
I thought that was a good one, I am happy to be a chowkidar though I did not vote for Modi in 2014 and 2019.
I was not sure about the merits of demonetization, GST, Rafale Nadal and so many other deeds of his. I was believing Rahul Gandhi, the worthy son of the family and chanted along with him “Chor”. I pitied him, his script writers had nothing else to give him

I have had many cups of tea from chai wallahs on the street side and never gave a second look to them. How can I accept a tea vendor as a prime minister ?
In my child hood, it was “Pandit” Nehru. He visited our school and I had the honour of being a random pick for a pull on my cheek, simply just like that, we were standing in a line cheering him, while he walked past us.

My father had witnessed the freedom struggle and the heroics of Gandhi, Nehru and others. He deserved to rule, English and all that, where as Sardar Patel and Rajendra Prasad were found wanting, though I was named Rajendra, after the then President. Knowing my father, I had wondered at times why was I not named Gandhi or Jawaharlal. During my growing up years, I supported Congress, following my father. I was never associated in politics, just one among the millions who formed opinions from here says, judging innocents as guilty and the other way around.
In between I started liking the communist party. I came in close contact with my uncle Raman Menon, who was a CPI member living in, then Madras, now Chennai. He was a simple person high thinking, low living. They had spent part of their life in hiding, evading arrest. Some names I admired those days, Namboodiripad, AKGopalan ,Achutha Menon, Gouriamma (recently she casted her vote, on her way to 100). They are not the same today, on its way to extinction. Build bridges, not walls.
Indira Gandhi, was a dashing lady, I admired her, even liked the Emergency. Factory chimneys were smoking, trains were on time  and lot of good things that mattered to people were happening. There were some people, screaming for freedom of speech and were gagged. I was wondering what is the freedom of speech people want.
There were news about Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi, uncle of Rahul Gandhi, going round and forcibly implementing family planning and bulldozing Turkman gate. This angered me and my father was telling me you will realise its benefit later and we will thank them for these actions. Later somebody told me, these actions were necessary since population increase was deterrent to progress and Turkman gate was centre of nefarious activities like spying and a haven for our neighbouring country. The other rumour was Sanjay Gandhi got killed in a plane crash, all a price for his action. No idea about the truths.

Looking back, partition, wars, riots, suicides, killings and all the unfortunate damages should not have happened, but then we cannot undo them, we can be together and prevent them

In politics, I have noticed, the party you support is always talking the truth and doing the right things, when everybody is lying. Social media, paid media are the new  platforms where it is free for all and freedom of lies is at it’s best.
Of late I stopped reading most of them and not believing the rest. Election have to be won, all means are fair, truth, lies, murder, anything. They would pick a small theft and make it a national issue. All is fair.

And now the results are out and there is a big mandate, mitron, I respect that, I would like to support and believe that we are in the path of nation building.

It’s time the speech writers change the script, the repeat words like chor, rafale, gutbandhan etc has become out of context. Now the shouting looks like a means for existence and diversion for empty vessels.

If the suit-boot Lutyen Delhi story, the corruption charges against big names are true, then its time for cleansing else we will have to suspect some unhealthy nexus and underhand dealing between some great actors, if actions are delayed.
It is time to understand that the old ishtyle will not work with the new wise generation, you need to work at the ground level. It’s not what they hear that matters, it’s what they feel and experience that matters. Amethi is a good example. Next may be Vayanad.

In spite of the religious divide which is the handy work of few vested interest, our country has been moving ahead, united. The opposition should be constructive and help the nation forward.

Best wishes to all, remember, you have a strong finger, that can change the destiny.

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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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7 thoughts on “Chowkidar”

  1. It’s great to read your blog. I’ve never been through the emergency period. It’s good to hear your thoughts on politics. Was Rafael Nadal intended or unintended?

  2. Took me back to our political scenario. We as responsible chawkidars of our nation shud vote without fail. And also mayb pay attention… to d chaiwalas around us. As usual sir njoyd reading ur article.

  3. Menon – it was not Rafale Nadal but Rafale aircraft that Pappu was shouting about. I hope it is not mistake or pun. As for Modi – he is honest, works very hard (not had any holiday for 20 yrs or so), does not make money for himself and family. Coming to Pappu – has he done any job in his life to aspire for the PM ship? Will he pass any interview even for a chowkidar’s job?

    These days I play ‘pool’ along with my senior friends here. When a ball is positioned near the pocket (about to go in with a small kick), we call that ball Chowkidar!

    Well written piece, as usual.


    1. Dear Sir why do you call Rahul as PAPU? What are the parameters for calling him PAPU? Please enlighten me?

  4. Main bhi Chowkidar Hoon. I too was a Congress supporter 10 years back but never went to vote till 2013. Woke up late when I realized to be in the midst of thieves & slowly troubled my conscience & started to vote in elections seriously – regularly – hence the results we see now – feeling good to be with the majority citizens. Thanks Raj, you could provoke me to speak my secret.

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