Pen drive on MG Road

I was in Kerala with my mom, plan to be with her for next two months. I needed to be in Bangalore on 23rd. Somebody asked me, “why are you going to Bangalore ?”

I said “court, will be back in two days”

He asked, what court ?  For him, we can never be imagined to be in court or police station in our lives, no path of our life goes that way. Well, some events in your life makes you think of destiny, Karma.

Along with 24 others,I had bought a  property in Krishnarajpuram , Bangalore, in the year 1992. KRPuram was a faraway place from Bangalore city those days. That was one among the affordable for us, compromising between money and distance. After 15 years, an outsider, colluded with the seller family, prepared some false documents and got the site registered in his name, and tried to forcefully grab the land belonging to us. We had to file a case in the court. Its been 11 years and it is still on. We thought its an open and shut case with all our documents in place to show who is the real custodian. This time, when the case comes up, the lawyers argue, ok fine, next date is 4th August. Being sub Judice, no comments, except looking for train tickets from Cochin  to Bangalore and back for a two day visit in August, to collect the next date of hearing.

That is my side of the story, a story has three sides, the other two are their side and the truth.

I required court stamp paper for different purpose, which was available at the court complex, as soon as I reach the counter, the window closes with a display, Lunch break from 1 P.M to 1.45 PM.  At least, there is the application form hanging within reach which has to be filled, signed and the cost to be given at the counter for the judiciary stamp paper. In Bangalore, it is e-stamp paper, after the famous scam on stamp papers. Forgot the guy’s name who is in Jail for this scam.

To fill this form, need a pen and I don’t have it. Looked around, every body is in a hurry, did not have a heart to stop any one and ask and the one I found interested was himself looking for one. This Pen story reminded me of an old experience. Years ago, it was in a post office, I had finished buying a few postal stationary (those were the inland and post card days), one guy had a folded inland letter, asked me for a pen. I said here and gave it to him, thought he has only the address to write. Well, the cool guy he was, he unfolded the inland and started writing a letter with a dear ..! I pulled out my pen from his fingers, said excuse me, I am in a hurry and left. I am not sure how many pens he must have touched to finish his letter.

With that reminder, I decided to buy one, I have 40 minutes before the counter opens and started walking on MG road expecting to find a vendor under every lamp post. Items from pins to rockets were being sold on the footpaths, could not find a pen. One guy said, here which one you want, 8GB, 16GB and brought out a few pen drives. I looked like an old hag asking for a pen in this era of pen drives. Passed a few shops, finally walked into the famous bookshop Higgin Botham. This is there since 1905. I have visited this shop many times but the one that takes the cake for me is the one in Chennai railway station. I have never bought a book from there but it was the best rendezvous joint, great land mark for an appointment with friends or a meeting place with first timers coming by train.

The pens looked well priced while I need an ordinary one below Rs 10 to write a few lines. I found one, cello, with a silent guilt of not using Lakshmi Menon’s paper pen with a seed (anti plastic). On my way to the payment counter saw a new arrival, the art of the good life by Rolf Dobell (Author of The Art of thinking clearly, introduced to me by my friend Rajendran). This author thinks like me, I think so, so I picked it up and spent an additional few hundred over my budget of Rs 10 for the pen. Whether I am richer or poorer with this transaction, I have to wait until I read the book. I read these books hoping to find some good anecdotes.

Pen in the pocket, walked confidently to the court complex, filled the form bought the e-stamp paper (ya, just remembered the 3000 crore stamp paper scammer’s name , it is Telgi), looked around for another idiot with out a pen, to gift him mine , there wasn’t any.

I walked in to a restaurant nearby for an interim filler lunch, it was 2 pm already.  Saw a couple, across a glass partition, the lady looked familiar, having lunch. May be its around 15 years ago, she was in my team, working together. May be. Kept looking, wondering to smile or wave or go to her table and get confirmation. I saw her looking at me and waited for a recognition. No, may be same doubt. Lunch over, thought I will check with her on my way out. Oops, she was gone.

Well, no big deal, however, was it her or was it not, kept me engaged until I entered a metro train. In the metro, a smart young man got up and offered his seat. Well I pushed him back to his seat, said thank you, I am fine standing, I enjoy standing, I am not that old and found another man old, older and pointed towards him. Who said respects and humanity are out, its there, everything is not lost yet. A little later, I saw the generous youngster, was near a girl and both were coo-cooing, with each other. Well now I am wondering what was the seat offer for…

At Kempegowda station , I had to change to a train from north to south (I think its termed greenline..). Here, again I was offered a seat by a young girl. This time I took it, never mind her intentions. In return of favour, I took her bag and held it for her..

Finally, got out of the train at the last stop and it was raining. My friend who had agreed to pick me up was held up due to the rain. At the exit of the station, there were lot of auto rikshaws waiting for passengers. One slim guy with a cap on, was in a Rikshaw’s driver seat and called a family to hurry. A family of four got into the rikshaw, when this  driver with the cap on his head got out and ran towards the station. Another guy sat on the drivers seat, put his uniform coat on, when the passengers panicked and wanted to get out. Other drivers near the auto told them, that he is the driver and you can go in the auto, the one who ran away is a joker around here and is no auto driver. As the auto rikshaw left, the joker was back on the scene shouting to some friend of his, across the road and sprinted towards him. A Suzuki van braked hard and looked like the joker stopped the vehicle with his hands was almost run over and he ran across and sat in another auto rikshaw driver’s seat. The auto drivers cheered him by clapping for his great escape. What next from him, when the rain stopped and there was  my  friend Gopinath to pick me up.

All the above moments are insignificant ones, I gave meaning to every one of them, entertained myself and had a great day. Sorry, dear readers for dragging you in.


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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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10 thoughts on “Pen drive on MG Road”

  1. Great meandering. Good 10 minutes spent. Really, it is amazing how much time we spend distracted from the main job we had set out to do. In today’s time, multi-tasking is possible with all the different sources of inputs coming at us, for instance I am writing this to you while I am watching (really?) world cup.
    Keep writing and distracting.

  2. Cheers Rajan, after a long time a good non-serious/ humourous take on some ordinary daily grinds & Cheers again for not injecting guilts in us…
    Enjoyed thoroughly reading your this PenDrive Adventures…
    (btw, eager to know from you Rolf Dobell’s Book review, in your own style…)

    1. Thank you, Hari, very encouraging. Wondering, how my insignificant day will be received. I have started reading and will get back to you with the highlights.

  3. Hi Menon,
    Yet another nice one. Thank you for taking me along for the walk on MG road.

    I had thought that we were on MG Road, Cochin, Kerala till we reached Kempegowda; not that it mattered.

    I was hoping you will publish a novel reg our court case. But you are treating it so lightly.
    Call me for the next trip.
    With love

  4. Happy morning. Two lines had come to mind as an extension of ur blog.
    If u give meaning n feeling to ur moment , then it becomes memory. Then story begins…🙏🙏

    Samjuktha Patnaik

  5. It is not only you, but your readers too had 10 minutes of good time reading your post. There is beauty in small things/events and we miss acknowledging them and the loss is ours.

    It looks as if your readership has grown. Earlier I used to be first to comment. May your readership prosper. By now you will have enough episodes to select the best and make a book of them. Give it a serious thought.

    It is sad that every middle class family swears to avoid stepping into a court and police station – two pillars of democracy. As a metric of measuring a lawful country it does show India in poor light. I am not in favor of jury system prevalent in other countries, but if there was one (never mind how we will be put even further than reaching quick justice) we would eventually have had an experience of being in a court.I have had only one near-court experience.

    3 years ago I was part of an NGO IGAO (actually leading it) formed by our IITB69 group. We were filing a PIL against Maharashtra government for publishing false data on the number of girls school where they claimed there was toilets. I went as far as visiting the lawyer few times and when the writ was ready visited the court to get it notarized. As it turned out just around then the courts decided to stop admitting PILs filed by non-registered bodies and our PIL died stillborn.

    It is not common and not uncommon either to see someone who looks familiar. But more often we come under the spell of looking foolish and avoid the kind of confirmation or dismissal of that notion by approaching the person. Then we fret for not having done so. My wife on the other hand is much more sociable and would definitely go across and try and reestablish an old bond if that was the case.

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