Film Crazy

My friend called me for a malayalam movie. I said , I am on a fast against Malayalam movies for the next six months. That is my style of  protest against what’s happening in that industry, an industry that has given us some fine movies and great artistes from all disciplines, part of an entertainment of our life. The noise of the din is high enough to keep me away from following the truths, untruths and the daily updates. The law should take its own course and justice prevail.

I believe a celebrity has been harassed, it has to be true,  it is not possible for some one to stand up and lie to the world, on such matters. It is regretful , she had to undergo a personal tragedy, an inflicted one, at the same time, her response to stand up and fight, makes her a role model to show the way to thousands and thousands of unfortunate victims of similar situations, across the globe. It is wrong and wrong and wrong. The cultural conditioning and the dominant bias of the society (males, mothers and aunts included) has made the female to react as victims. Once you decide you are a victim, you cannot fight. You can resist an assault against the wolves, a rape may be inevitable but the fight is not over. Change the mindset, that if some one forces their way into you, its end of the world or life. It is not, think of it as an injury in a fight and hit back. You may not be able to hit back physically, there are many other ways. Try to change your  emotion from fear to anger. Easier said than done, however try it, hope no body encounters such situations. They are sick guys and they need “third degree” treatment..

The lions who roars under the cover of media and social media in anger, sympathy and ridicule, the wise after the event, may be the first one to scoot from a real life situation, however today they make the authorities to act. Most of us grow up and gets conditioned to be in flight mode than fight. Unless it is your sister, mother or love under attack (hmmm, not sure of the percentage here), not many will fight for strangers and that is inhuman.

These are crimes we cannot eradicate, even by capital punishment. A criminal mind gets blinded of its consequences of it’s action and goes ahead with his plans, at times unplanned.  This type of crime happens due to sexual desire or EGO’s desire for revenge and attack. The superior attitude of guys is part of the virtual structure of the society. The work to change this attitude has to start right from the first day of learning in life. Respect for human beings,  sex (when they become conscious of it)  is not a tool to attack or destroy someone, to act courageously in every field of life and other values can be a daily mantra of every one’s life, not just a one time lecture,  an everyday  ritual for mind cleansing like having a bath. This suggestion, an ancient wisdom (in form of prayer) may sound stupid to many, any other way, you know ?

Staying away from films to show your protest until the murkiness is cleared is a good way to teach the stars that it is you who made them. The tragedy of this style of protest is, it may not affect the rich and the famous though we cannot bracket all of them with the criminals, the poor support staff making a living and their families may suffer.

I  stand a chance of being boycotted by my film crazy relatives for taking this step of protest because film going  is an addiction for many.

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5 thoughts on “Film Crazy”

  1. Protests in any which way get attention n that certainly is a good idea…

    Getting desired results…?
    Always Ques-marks…
    Every one ‘desires’ differently…

    Any way I respect your response to the murkiness…

    I wonder will I ever consider your option of refraining from movies…!!!
    Never… I am sure….
    After all I also know how crazy I am when it comes to movies…

    A difficult stand for you…
    And cheers to you for that…

  2. one pebble in a lake will hardly make any ripple. My intention is to express my annoyance. In Kerala, this incident is big data, everyday, and the public are fully into it. Why not show your anger by staying away from the movie halls for some time.

  3. Dear Sir

    This is true and one of the ways of showing up your opinion….for a social cause… but I feel people should realize this and come out with such remarks/ stands/support / join hands to show their irk about many many social causes which the Govt or the Authorities are failed to perform.
    For Ex :
    a) Protesting the proposed construction of steel bridge for Blr Airport Road — totally unnecessary and waste project of such a huge magnitude… total wastage of funds … the same money can be used for so many other burning issues —- waste recycling plant, repair of bad roads, drainage system, cleaning of roads, providing good market place for street vendors, etc.
    b) Waiving of farmers loan – though it is a good gesture…. Govt should allot more funds and try to provide the rain water or channalise the river water to the Agriculture lands… provide Electricity to them and other such facilities which is required for the farm needs..

    People collect a mass signature campaign and file the PIL and bring in a stay for such illogical projects and stop the Govt. from mis-using of wasting funds

    c) Protesting against high fee structure in Professional courses — a ceiling needs to be made for collecting hugh fee right from 1st Std to Engg / Medical courses.
    d) Banning of Big Ganesha Idols and with Paints which will pollute the lakes and also create nuisance in public places.
    e) Vendors demanding hugh amount for flowers / pumpkin during Dussara Festival

    People should protest instantly and they will be forced to bring the prices down otherwise the items will perish…..

    We need to show the ” Power of Common Man” to Government and try to get the solutions.


    1. We are seeing plenty of protests for protection of social welfare and environment issues and most ofthem are effective.
      Here, my intent is using this incident to touch on general crime against women. It is in the news because it is a case in the film industry. I am suggesting a fight back rather than being victimsed. My boycotting movie is insignificant.

  4. Bala

    Your not going to the movie as a mark of protest may not achieve
    the desired result unless you instigate others such as friends & followers to do the same.

    It is like not voting in the election because you do not like any candidate. In such cases only the bad candidate will win the election by hook or by crook and the good candidate will be left out

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