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A priest bunked his sermon hour in church to play golf. He hit a miraculous shot where he had a hole in one. It broke his heart because he could not TALK about it.

If you notice, people enjoy talking about their holidays and foreign trips more than their actual experience. Then there are people, who return from a great trip and talk only about the flat tyre and how it delayed their home coming, the agony part of it.

Talk can be stressful on many occasions. You work for eighteen hours a day for a week and you talk about it. It is the thought and talk about the working hours that creates stress, not the work. If you think of the work and the accomplishment and not the time, it will be less stressful. For some, talking to others to let them know about how hard they are working, gives them relief, then they have vested interest.

Talk can also be a stress buster on many occasions. When a lady comes to you with her problems it is not for any solutions. Just let her talk and talk about it, she will go back home relieved.

I had the habit of interrupting and giving solutions before they finish talking about their problems. Now I do not. Along the way I realized, you are not helping anyone. First I let them talk and ask a few questions, which may have long answers. And they end up with their own solutions.

I had lots of opportunities to help people find their solutions. One day somebody called me and said you are a great coach, thank you, Sir.  How come you never became a CEO, when you could help me become one. Err… that was coaching ? I thought to myself. I told him, I do not practice what I preach or talk.

I was just doing what was coming naturally to me. One thing I realized, it helps everybody to have a coach, whether you are at the bottom or top of the ladder. The coach need not be more capable than you. Coach of Sachin Tendulkar, I am sure, could not play many of the strokes, he must have taught him to execute.

I am an introvert. I do not talk much. What I have been doing is observing and listening. I would like to talk if I have something to say, not to say something. People like me are a failure in group discussions.

The extroverts are thinking and talking at the same time. It’s an amazing talent. They can switch from one topic to another with great fluency.

In an organization, they talk their way up with out doing anything substantial. Not all of them but quite a few. The Boss likes to have someone like that next to him, to give some unpleasant talks, when necessary, to the team or a team member. 

The husband was surprised when his wife got off the phone within half an hour. That was quick, he said. She replied, that was a wrong number on line.

All those who enjoy talking, lage raho, keep talking and the silent ones, talk if you can improve onthe silence. The world needs all of you.


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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR,

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3 thoughts on “All about talks”

  1. That was nice to read!

    How about those who talk about their ailments?
    I am now careful not to inquire about health when I meet someone.
    At our age, I know, no one is healthy. Every one has some problem or another.
    If you are unfortunate, a casual and well meaning inquiry about the other persons health, results in his launching off into a long lecture whining about his health problems.
    Some revel in detailed descriptions of the operation they recently underwent at the hospital.

    Talking is sometimes a nuisance, when you don’t want to hear.
    I would rather have someone who writes too much, rather than some one who talks too much.
    When bloggers write too much, you have the option not to read! He will never know.
    What do you do with a bore who talks too much?
    How do you brush him off, without offending him?

    Keep writing Raj. You write too little!
    Try to post at least once a week.
    (Camp: California)
    (Returning to Bangalore in Mid March)

  2. Thanks Vishvanath. There was a guy who used to ask how are you without bothering for an answer. I told a friend of mine watch the fun, I stopped this how are you guy and bored him with a long lecture of where all and what all hurts in my body. Next time he started looking the other way when he passed by me

  3. Raj,

    I must tell you one of most pleasant ‘talk’ I had. It was an interview that I was giving to NIIT chief, some where in 1986 and it started around 8 PM and ended around 10 PM. During those 2 hours I ‘talked’ about 5 minutes and the rest of ‘talk’ was done by your namesake ‘Raj’ji. (Rajendra Pawar).

    I must also add that I got through!

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