Your job is going…

Recession or no recession, here onwards stop depending on a single company or a single specialized skill. You may have just collected the best employee award and given the impression that without you the company cannot breathe. However within no time you are called in and told that we do not know what we will do without you, due to some compulsion, we have to learn to live without you… or to some such effect. In short, it is the boot.

Companies will proudly announce, we have no benches, 100% utilization, you know. On the other side, general crib is no loyalty, not like the older generation, this x y z generation. This generation believes in, if u want loyalty, get a dog. A wee bit funny, many companies have team dedicated for retention, attend international seminars on how to deal with attrition, employ engagement, career path and what else ?

Corporations once built to last like pyramids are now more like can’t design your life around a temporary organisation says the management guru, Peter Drucker.

Be prepared, let this be not an issue in life. One way is to force a percentage of your salary into some saving. Earn, save and spend is a better sequence. This may be an old school of thought. I am not going to argue about this but it is valid for all generations A to Z. Take it or leave it.

The other day someone called to thank me to say how grateful he is for the advise. I am happy, he took it because he was without a job for 3 months and the savings saw him through. And he is employed now.

Morgan Witzel says in ten years time managers will travel lesser than they do now, will see the end of silos, male work dominated workplace will vanish, managers will rely less on data and more on intelligence and thinking. With the advancement of technology video conferencing and teleconferencing (especially in cell phones, smartphones and tablets) will help reduce the necessities of travel, reduce carbon footprints and increase the effectiveness of the managers time. The present vertical organizational structure will be replaced by fast, flexible, integrated teams. More and more women will rise to higher positions.

Just check, besides the skill you have for your current job, what other interests you have ? The other day I met a guy who is a chartered accountant, a professional cook (not crook) and a food writer. And another one who is a developer, trainer and singer (member of a musical brand). Then there is this Lady, a professional golfer, associated with the Financial Sector as a Freelance Trainer for Soft Skill development, part of an NGO called The Kishkinda Trust which works in areas of Empowerment of Women, Child Education, Environment and Heritage Conservation through Performing Arts. At least I will let her name out, she is Nikki Ponnappa, hope she does not mind.

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8 thoughts on “Your job is going…”

  1. Absolutely true. Definitely you have to be jack of at least of more than one trade to survive in this most competitive world of today. More over rarely do we find people with consideraton for others, we are all so busy and self centred that each to his deed and fate that matters. Again having a small treasure of savings tucked away is a boon, for even if money is not the only criterion , it as necessary as the air we breathe, especially if we want to live and die a noble death, not only for ourselves alone, but also for others.

  2. A job is a device by which you earn money for a living. I quit my job as a an asst. professor in the Manipal University in 2006 to devote all my time for the rationalist, humanist movement and now I am very happy that I did so. I am biochemist by profession and a humanist by conviction. I love doing what I like.

    1. Thanks, Narendra. you are one of the example I would like to add to my list, who is doing what he likes. In the multi job profile people will end up doing things they like. They have to identify that


  3. You have hit the nail on the head Mr Menon. Very true indeed, unless you are a Sachin Tendulakar, who can decide when to retire without the fear of selectors sword hanging over his head.

    1. Money may not be an issue for Sachin but I hope he will be doing something what he likes.His performance and commitment is exemplary of the depth of his passion. I cannot imagine what he will do rest of his life Wait and watch

  4. Dear Rajendra,

    I agree with you that we need multiskill to survive in this complex world.
    Do let me know the response to your seminar at Chennai. I have forwarded to an aquaintance at B’lore. Hope there is response.

    With best Regards,
    Madan Sahu

  5. Thanks Menon. One of my friend’s daughter (Sugandhi Iyer) in the west has written a book called “Joyful Manifestation”. And her job is called “Abundance Coach, Law of Attrition”. I do not know what it really means. But she seems to be doing well in her job. The book is available in Amazon.

    All the best for your Seminar.



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