Do not call back

Energy Sappers

There are lots of in completes in your daily life that saps your energy substantially and hinders your progress. I have listed a few that came to my mind, collected from my friends and books. You may be able to identify with some or all of them and some of you are welcome to add to the list.  The super stars in society who have attained their positions will not read this list, why not because they do not need it.

1                 Former business activities

2                 Promises not kept, not acknowledged, or not renegotiated

3                 Unpaid debts or financial commitments (money owed to others or to you)

4                 Closets overflowing with clothing which will never be worn

5                 A disorganized garage crowded with old discard

6                 Shoe rack door cannot be closed due to the number of never to be used foot wears

7                 Old newspapers stacked badly

8                 CDs and handsets

9                 Cables, cables  and cables of your gadgets

10              Haphazard or disorganized tax records

11              Checkbook not balanced or accounts that should be closed

12              Junk drawers full of unusable items

13              Missing or broken tools

14              An attic filled with unused items

15              A car trunk or back seat full of trash

16              Incomplete car maintenance

17              A disorganized basement filled with discarded items

18              Filing left undone

19              Computer files not backed up or data needing to be converted for storage

20              Desk surface cluttered or disorganized

21              Family pictures never put into an album

22              Mending, ironing, or other piles of items to repair or discard

23              Deferred household maintenance

24              Bulbs to be replaced

25              Fan not working

26              AC need repair

27              Broken furniture to be repaired

28              Books lying scattered for want of  book shelf

29              Personal relationships with unstated resentments or appreciations

30              People you need to forgive

31              Time not spend with people you’ve been meaning to spend time with

32              Incomplete projects or projects delivered without closure or feedback

33              Acknowledgments that need to be given or asked for

34              A missing button in your favourite pant

35              The right pair of socks

36              The morning walks , your promise every night

37              And yours

All these are irritants and energy sappers. I have many of them and  have started working on them. It is easier to do and then tick them off and experience the transformation. You don’t have to do it all in one day, take your time

Don’t Call Back

Here is an extract of a forward from my friend Ravi Shankar :

I am getting missed calls from an anonymous number. The number is +37281021289.

By number you can easily make out it is not from India. However, today I thought let me call back and find out what’s going on and why  are  they  missed call to me.  I did a google Search and was shocked to see that there are many people in India who are getting missed calls from the same number. Couple of them called back they lost heavily from their account balance to the tune of 150-300 Rs for just calling back on this number.

Some other numbers are:



Note: The easiest way to identify is you will get 1 or 2 rings only and the number will start from +37281021, last 2 or 3 digits may change. Also possibility that they may change the whole set of numbers once people come to know about this.

Don’t call back

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5 thoughts on “Do not call back”

  1. Hi Sir,
    This is yet another though provoking write-up by you.
    We were living with this “Energy Zappers” all the while and never pondered about it.
    Thanks a lot for this post since it came as an awakening 🙂
    After reading this I hope to tick off many items on my list and not be affected by Energy Zappers any more.
    Best Regards,

  2. Very interesting and very true. I have even tried making a list and trying to tick them off. I only ended in adding the list itself as another item pending for me to open and check pending items.

    I think the list combined with a discipline to follow the list will help in reducing the list.

    Regarding the international fraud call, I too got couple of them and even tried calling back without success. Thanks for the caution.

  3. You may add:

    1. desires
    2. attachments

    How do I manage?

    1. When ever, I bring a pair of shoes or foot wears, an equivalent number of old items are thrown.
    2. Similarly, when we buy clothes for some members of my family, we dispose equivalent number of old clothes.

    It is simple to follow and this method prevents further accumulation.


    1. There are some that needs to be closed permanently and the others which keep recurring. The recurring once like monthly payments (if you do not have auto payment service, there also make sure about balance in the account), vehicle servicing , maintenance, do not have control. The one time closures can be dealt with. Sakthidaran says he rids himself of the old ones when new ones comes in. The problem is being disciplined enough to implement them

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