Let us go home

Started yoga in the morning. After two bends, there is a thud sound outside my house. That must be the newspaper. Lets pick it up before some dog does it. A peep at the headlines. Oh , there’s been a train accident.  The morning tea. A sip, wife pulls the front page, let me see.

Over to the sports page,  how did we lose this game? The editorial page,  write up on corruption,  the sudoku.  This cell contains number 5. Great, where is the pen. Had left it near the books.  This book egonomics, has been with me for some time. What are the three principles to deal with ego ? Humility and , and and….lets check… , oh ya curiosity and veracity. Now what was veracity ? Something to do with truth. What does the dictionary say ? Where is the dictionary ? Check the thesaurus of MSWord for the meaning

Oh so many new mails ? Any important ones ?  That’s Shankar, after a very long time. Just a hi. Lets call him. What’s his number ? 988…oops there is an incoming call. Its my daughter from the other room. I want to be dropped to the bus stand, I am late, hurry. OK, lets go.

Back from the drop, lets do pranayam, the breathing exercise, inhale slowly and exhale fast.1..2.. the door bell, non stop. Coming, coming, who is this ? Your milk coupon is over, here is the new book.

At the office,  Can I come in , Sir ? (we have an open door policy, in case the door is closed you can access my cell). I will not be able to continue in this office a minute more, I am leaving. I have this issue with my manager. And the delivery schedule is the day after tomorrow. I am not going to do it.

Ok cool it, Amitabh, relax, come sit down. Tell me, why are you upset ?

After an hour, haven’t even taken the laptop out of the bag. Log in, its taking unusually long, hey Manu, what is wrong.

Network is very very slow saar. Oh, saar, just now, the server has gone down, problem with UPS. Go, chase the UPS guy.

This is the best time to work on the report, no mails, twitter to interrupt. 10.30 ? Lets have tea before starting real work.  Ajay, come.

Sir, I read your blog. Oh , ya ? What made you write on that subject. It was very nice, forgot the title ? And what was it about ? I remember enjoying it while reading but now I forgot. Ah, that was about patience and its virtue. You see, worry is like sitting in a rocking chair and rocking. It will not get you any where. And 85% of the things you worry, it never happens, 10% of it you will be able to handle it and the remaining 5% is out of your control, nothing can be done about it, wait for it to pass.

My belly is increasing. Exercise , sir. I am doing yoga and pranayam in the morning, no improvement. It’s 12.30, shall we get back to work.

The network is up, great, let’s check the mail. Hey Sreeni, did you see the mail from Douglas. He wanted the dimensions. He wants it by the weekend. Never mind let’s send it immediately. He will be very happy with our promptness. Nothing like a happy customer, you know. Its there in the file. Can’t find the key of the cabinet ? Search, yaar… mila ? Got the cabinet one’s key. Then open that, you may find the key in that. Finally, almost half an hour, ha, ha , yes that’s the file. You cant find the cost ? For that, you check the mail from Dinesh, he sent, some time last month. It is 1.30, lets go for lunch.

These days dining hall is very crowded. Its 3 already. Lets have a quick look at the  news. Look at these pictures of the land slide and flood in Brazil. Wow, the rescue operation. Lets see who all are there on  twitter ? Nandu has sent a link. Here is a village using solar energy for all their lighting and heating requirement. Where is this village ? It is in Gujarat. Lets google and see where it is. There it is. They also use wind energy. Our country, can meet all its requirement and remove poverty but for these politicians.

Yes, come in.

Sir, there is a boy using bad words in front of us. He is also passing dirty comments.

Yeah.. he can be charged for harassment. Tell me, what happened and who is he ?

Oh, this is serious.  What you have to do is, send a mail, to the committee who is dealing with such cases. Here is the email Id.

Sir, can you, please help me to draft the mail

Alex wants the revised figures by his noon, today. If he does not hear from us, he will not consider our proposal. Shit.. I saw the mail now. Its  already 2 in the afternoon in UK. It’s a 100K  opportunity.

Call him, sir.

He is not picking the phone. Its gone. Any way, lets work on it and send it and hope for a miracle.

Its 9 pm.  Long day in office.  No time for the family. Lets  go home


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Grateful for the love and respect received so far. Inspire, motivate and enable anybody to achieve their limitless limits-that is my goal for the rest of my life. Worked in MECON, Mphasis, Cofounder KelpHR, kelphr.com

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4 thoughts on “Let us go home”

  1. There are two options.
    1. Do not go for any solution as life goes on like that.
    2. For all activity make a calendar i.e Internet fro 9-10AM, 3-5PM, Office grievances – 2-3PM. But it is difficult to adhere to. I had tried and failed.

    If you find a 3rd better solution pl forward to me.

    With best regards,
    Madan Sahu

  2. Interestingly from home, I wanted to forward a mail to my staff as the Internet was down today in office. While searching that mail, I found your letter and landed here!

    I don’t have solution for everything. I have managing newspaper distracting my morning yog schedule. Are you are curious to know? It is simple. I do not admit newspapers inside my house. I collect and keep it in the “jootha gar” (the first room of the house where you remove and keep your foot wears). I read the paper while traveling too and fro office. It may not suit every one.

    I selectively so “no” when I really want to do some thing. If you want to be too courteous to every one at any time then you will have endless drifting.

    The last suggestion – get back your old book “Don’t say yes when you want to say no” and read again and try.

    Let us remember, drifting requires least effort and like a leaf sailing with the flow of river stream. So, if you can afford enjoy the journey!!!

    Jai Hind

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