Please, ‘wait’ for peace

Deepak has sent me these pictures. 5 headed snake at Infosys, Mangalore. Live , single headed I would have fainted, 5 I would have died. Hope it is a photoshop trick 🙂


“There is a subtle difference between ‘waiting’ and ‘waiting for’ and in that lies the difference between ‘peaceful progress’ and ‘stressful success’ ”.-T.T Rangarajan , editor, Frozen thoughts magazine.

While I was travelling to Mangalore from Cochin by train, a young co-passenger said

hello, I am Vijay.

hi, I am Raj.

Mangalore ?


This damn train is late by 45 minutes. Tired of waiting. Why cant they be on time.

Nothing comes before time.

Why have a timetable

That’s for you to be in the station.

Ha said “nothing comes before time”, is it a …

Every thing has a time and purpose. Purpose, I do not know. Time  is reality. What happens is reality. When it happens is reality.

I noticed at the station, when most of the people were walking up and down , looking at their watches and leaning over the track to see whther the train is coming, knowing fully well it is not, you were sitting  as if you aren’t going anywhere.

Did those actions get the train on  time ?


So what’s the point ? You have bought the ticket, come to the station, that is under your control. The rest is not . Why fume ?

Right, but….

I was ‘waiting’ and you were ‘waiting for’. Since you were ‘waiting for’ the train, you were under stress. While I was ‘waiting’ , I used the time for some thinking and was not bothered about the train.

It is easy to say. If the train is late, it may affect our future plans that are connected with the journey.

Well, if they are critical, then we should have a plan B. May be you can leave a day early or go by road.

But none of these will guarantee success.

True, you can plan and act to the best of your ability. Results, you cannot guarantee.

What if I lose, something like my job ? I may miss my interview. That will be terrible.

Let it go. If you think it is terrible, it is. If you say everything happens for the good, and this loss of job will be creating another exciting opportunity, you can deal with it. All our fears are that we may fall from the present level, whatever it is or you are going to lose which is not yet yours. People have missed their flight due to a traffic block and cursed their luck. The flight crashed leaving no survivors behind.

I may lose what I have and love.

It has to go, some time or the other, whatever you have. Look back into your life, do you have everything, you had. We can not possess everything forever. In this world, you are only a custodian of things, not an owner. Everything has to move into someone else’s custody.

It is not easy to let go of attachments.

Not easy, but practice detachment , at the same time, love it. When it goes, be able to recover from the loss as soon as possible.


Coming back to wait and wait for, you will notice, people press the button for the elevator and move around impatiently, come back and press  two or three times again. They are ‘waiting for’ the lift,  hence the stress. Do your part and ‘wait’ for peaceful progress. This applies to everything, examination results, jobs, visa applications……hi there…

Vijay had gone to sleep..I was still talking. At his age , even, I would have gone to sleep. May be, when he reaches my age, he will put somebody else to sleep.

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5 thoughts on “Please, ‘wait’ for peace”

  1. Hi Sir,
    Awesome post. Got a very good lesson out of this. You have very well and effectively put across the ways using which one can deal with the things that are not in their control.
    Thanks again for this great lesson.


  2. Hello Sir

    Indeed a Wonderful post… That was so thought provoking.

    Thanks for a wonderful message.

  3. I agree that one should try not to worry about things that one cannot control – but this seems to go one further and say detatch youself from everything as nothing is really yours – everything can be taken away in an instant. Detachment may make pain easier to deal with since you care less about everything but it dulls the good things, love, passion, all of these things you cannot really have if you are detatched.

    Theodore Roosevelt once said, ‘The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena – whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood

    1. Enjoy, when you have it. When it leaves you, detachment is necessary. A loss of someone you love or something you like is quite upsetting. One way to deal with it, is by being grateful for having the opportunity to have enjoyed it and the good times you had. It is a sorrowful package with wonderful memories inside.

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