Height of innocence – the baby….

Heard about a young boy putting his young toddler brother into a washing machine to clean him up!

Here is another. A small kid, one year old, the parents tried their best to stop the whaling of the child.  He would not stop and they found his body turning blue. They took  him to a doctor. While examining, the doctor found, the kid’s urinal track  had swollen. On a closer examination he found a rubber band tied on it. That’s the time the mother said that she had put the rubber band on the kid, in the morning before going for a friend’s wedding, to stop him from piddling and spoiling her dress and she forgot about it. The parents are poor labourers. Last I heard ,  the husband beating up the lady and wanted to throw her out of his life. The baby  died.

The US government under the advise of consumer product safety commission  has warned against using chic baby slings  by parents to carry their kids. Last year, there were 3 cases of death due to suffocation caused by the pressing of the fabric against the baby’s nose and mouth. Another scenario is the “C-like” position, nestling the baby below the mom’s chest or her belly. The position can restrict the infant’s ability to breathe.

Back home another sight is the pillion rider mom carrying the tiny tot while travelling on the two wheeler. The breath taking breeze, the pollution from the exhausts of the vehicles on the roads and at the traffic signal lights, the surprise road humps and pot holes of varying dimensions,  innumerable options very scary. Once when I pointed this to a couple, while waiting for the green signal, the lady said please mind your business, we know!!

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2 thoughts on “Height of innocence – the baby….”

  1. Hey menon since you write of innocence – though your initial one seems more of parental stupidity. Here are some Agastya comments for you.

    “why is school fun only after you finish!?” and when I hasten to say something he says..” i know school is all about education.. you have said that before!.. I am still looking for a suitable response

    Trust you are doing well

    1. Elango, nice to hear from you. The initial ones are innocence, no education or the right sense. The latter ones are stupidity, people with education and common sense. Even I said school was fun when I reached college and college was fun when I came out of it. Studies were pressure not pleasure, thats why. The fear of failure was always there at the back of the mind. Even good students were afraid of their loss of ranks The only fun part was when you had vacations or surprise holidays or you did well when your exam results were good. I hope more people respond to this and let us know the truth. I felt best when I started earning and was not a burden on my parents. You will never be able to convince Agastya 🙂

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